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(1) MCOB 1.6.4 R(2) means, for example, that if a firm discovered immediately after completion that a loan was a regulated mortgage contract, the firm would be required to comply with MCOB 7.4 (Disclosure at the start of the contract).(2) Although MCOB 1.6.4 R recognises that firms may become aware that a mortgage is a regulated mortgage contract at a late stage, the FSA expects this to be an extremely rare occurrence. It could arise, for example, if a firm has acted on the understanding,
BIPRU 12.3.23RRP
For the purposes of BIPRU 12.3.22R, a firm must, in relation to all currencies in which it has significant positions and all jurisdictions in which it carries on significant business activities, ensure that it:(1) can calculate all of its collateral positions, including assets currently provided as collateral, relative to the total amount of security required;(2) can calculate the amount of unencumbered assets available to it to be provided as collateral;(3) can mobilise collateral
(1) The depositary is responsible for the safekeeping of all the scheme property.(2) The depositary must:(a) take all steps to ensure that transactions properly entered into for the account of the scheme are completed;(b) take all steps to ensure that instructions properly given by the authorised fund manager in respect of the exercise of rights related to scheme property are carried out;(c) ensure that any scheme property in registered form is as soon as reasonably practicable
DISP App 1.2.3GRP
The measure of any financial loss suffered by the complainant will be arrived at by:12(1) comparing the complainant's current capital position with the position he would have been in had the loan been a standard repayment mortgage as at the date the firm decides to regard the complaint as justified; and(2) comparing the cost of the complainant's actual monthly outgoings and those he would have made had his loan been on a standard repayment basis as at the date the firm decides
(1) Block trades, including bought deals, and private placements are not within the scope of BIPRU 7.8 because they involve an outright purchase by the firm of the relevant securities.(2) For the purpose of BIPRU 7.8securities include debt and equity instruments and convertibles but excludes loans.
The Ombudsman can consider a complaint under the Voluntary Jurisdiction if:423(1) it is not covered by the Compulsory Jurisdiction or the Consumer Credit Jurisdiction; and423(2) it relates to an act or omission by a VJ participant in carrying on one or more of the following activities:(a) an activity carried on after 28 April 1988 which:(i) was not a regulated activity at the time of the act or omission, but(ii) was a regulated activity when the VJ participant joined the Voluntary
(1) This section contains rules on the types of permitted investments and any relevant limits with which non-UCITS retail schemes operating as FAIFs must comply. These rules allow for the relaxation of certain investment and borrowing powers from the requirements for non-UCITS retail schemes under COLL 5.6 .(2) One example2 of the different investment and borrowing powers under the rules in this section for non-UCITS retail schemes operating as FAIFs is the power to invest up
DTR 6.1.10RRP
An issuer of securities other than shares admitted to trading on a regulated market must disclose to the public without delay any changes in the rights of holders of securities other than shares, including changes in the terms and conditions of such securities which could indirectly affect those rights, resulting in particular from a change in loan terms or in interest rates.[Note article 16(2) of the TD]
(1) Upon the happening of any of the events or dates referred to in (2) and not otherwise:1(a) COLL 6.2 (Dealing), COLL 6.3 (Valuation and pricing) and COLL 5 (Investment and borrowing powers) cease to apply to the AUT or to the units and scheme property in the case of a sub-fund;1(b) the trustee must cease to issue and cancel1units, except in respect of the final cancellation under COLL 7.4.4 R (1) or (2);11(c) the manager must cease to sell and redeem units; (d) the manager
For the purposes of cross product netting, the following are considered different product categories:(1) repurchase transactions, reverse repurchase transactions, securities or commodities lending or borrowing transactions;(2) margin lending transactions; and(3) financial derivative instruments.[Note: BCD Annex III Part 7 point (a) (part)]
A firm may determine exposures arising from long settlement transactions using any of the CCR mark to market method, the CCR standardised method and the CCR internal model method, regardless of the methods chosen for treating financial derivatives instruments and repurchase transactions, securities or commodities lending or borrowing transactions, and margin lending transactions. In calculating capital requirements for long settlement transactions, a firm that uses the IRB approach
1A class hedging transaction must:2(1) be undertaken in accordance with the requirements of COLL 5 (Investment and borrowing powers); and(2) (for the purposes of valuing scheme property and calculating the price of units in accordance with COLL 6.3 (Valuation and pricing)) be attributed only to the class of units2for which it is undertaken.
In relation to a regulated mortgage contract, where2 part of the loan is not a regulated mortgage contract, for example it is a linked unsecured loan, the details of this loan can be shown in Section 12 of the illustration as an additional feature. It should not be added to the regulated mortgage contract loan amount in MCOB 5.6.6 R(2).2
PERG 4.5.15GRP
In the FSA's view, details of fees or commission referred to in PERG 4.5.14G (2) does not require an introducer to provide an actual sum to the borrower, where it is not possible to calculate the full amount due prior to the introduction. This may arise in cases where the fee or commission is a percentage of the eventual loan taken out and the amount of the required loan is not known at the time of the introduction. In these cases, it would be sufficient for the introducer to
A firm must, if requested, explain its rating decisions to SMEs and other corporate applicants for loans, providing an explanation in writing when asked. The administrative costs of the explanation have to be at an appropriate rate to the size of the loan.[Note: BCD Article 145(4)]
PERG 8.25.2GRP
Article 53 does not apply to advice given on any of the following:(1) deposit or other bank or building society accounts (but note that providing basic advice on a stakeholder product including stakeholder deposit accounts is a separate regulated activity under article 52A of the Regulated Activities Order - see the guidance in PERG 2.7.14A G (Providing basic advice on stakeholder products));(2) interests under the trusts of an occupational pension scheme (but rights under an