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Regulation 11 (Automatic cancellation of an attached distance contract) of the Distance Marketing Regulations, has the effect that when notice of cancellation is given in relation to a contract, that notice also operates to cancel any attached contract, which is also a distance financial services contract. An example of such an attached contract might be a distance non-investment insurance contract.
(1) In the FSA's opinion, a firm may3 comply with the rules referred to in (4) of which (a) to (g) are derived from the Single Market Directives and the Distance Marketing Directive4 by ensuring3 that in good time before:3343(a) a retail client is bound by an agreement for the provision of a personal recommendation on packaged products; or (b) the firm performs an act preparatory to the provision of a personal recommendation;(c) (3in relation to the amendment of a life policy
COBS 15.5.6GRP
Where a life policy or unit bought on opening or transferring an ISA is cancellable, the right to cancel, or substitute right to withdraw, applies to the entire arrangement. For example, a maxi-ISA comprising a life policy in the stocks and shares component and a cash component would be cancellable as a whole with a cancellation period of 30 calendar days. However, a firm is free to give the consumer the option of cancelling individual components separately with the same cancellation