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(1) For any annual or half-yearly accounting period which began after commencement of the winding up or termination, the trustee (after consulting the manager (if appropriate) and the FSA) may direct that COLL 4.5.13 R (Provision of short report) may be dispensed with, provided that it has taken reasonable care to determine that the report is not required in the interests of the unitholders.(2) Where (1) applies, a copy of the short and long report must be supplied free of charge
(1) This chapter applies if a firm:(a) makes a personal recommendation to a customer to enter into a regulated mortgage contract; or(b) provides information to a customer that is specific to the amount that the customer wants to borrow on a particular regulated mortgage contract, including information provided in response to a request from a customer; or(c) provides the means for a customer to make an application to it;in connection with entering into, or agreeing to enter into,
Where part of the loan is not a regulated mortgage contract, for example it is a linked unsecured loan, the details of this loan can be shown in Section 12 of the illustration as an additional feature. It should not be added to the regulated mortgage contract loan amount in MCOB 5.6.6 R(2).
Where the Ombudsman considers that the complaint or the complainant may be ineligible under the jurisdiction rules (see DISP 2 (Jurisdiction of the Financial Ombudsman Service)) he must give the complainant an opportunity to make representations before he reaches his decision and he must give reasons to the complainant for that decision and inform the firm of his decision.
DISP 3.2.5 R applies without prejudice to a firm's right to raise the issue of eligibility subsequently.
During the course of a distance contract with a retail customer, the making or performance of which constitutes or is part of a regulated mortgage contract:(1) the firm must, at the retail customer's request, provide a paper copy of the contractual terms and conditions of the regulated mortgage contract or of the services being provided by the firm; and (2) the firm must comply with the customer's request to change the means of distance communication used, unless this is incompatible
1A firm must ensure that information provided to a retail customer2 before the conclusion of a distance contract about his contractual obligations under that contract conform with the contractual obligations that would be imposed on him under the law applying if the contract were concluded.
SUP 18.2.23GRP
Firms should co-operate fully with the independent expert and provide him with access to all relevant information and appropriate staff.
SUP 18.2.26GRP
The transferor will need to provide the FSA with the information that the Home State regulator requires from FSA. This information includes:(1) the transfer agreement or a draft, with:(a) the names and addresses of the transferor and transferee; and(b) the classes of insurance business and details of the nature of the risks or commitments to be transferred;(2) for the business to be transferred (both before and after reinsurance):(a) the amount of technical provisions;(b) the
(1) MCOB 5 amplifies Principle 6 and Principle 7, which require a firm to pay due regard to the information needs of its customers and to treat them fairly.(2) The purpose of MCOB 5 is to ensure that, before a customer submits an application for a particular regulated mortgage contract, he is supplied with information that makes clear:(a) the features of that regulated mortgage contract;(b) the price that the customer will be required to pay under that regulated mortgage contract,
MCOB 13.2.1GRP
Principle 6 requires a firm to pay due regard to the interests of customers and treat them fairly. This chapter amplifies this principle in respect of the information and service provided to customers who have payment difficulties or face a mortgage shortfall debt.
The Ombudsman may:(1) exclude evidence that would otherwise be admissible in a court of law or include evidence that would not be admissible in such a court;(2) where he considers it necessary or appropriate, accept information in confidence, so that only an edited version or (where this is not practicable) a summary or description is disclosed to the other party;(3) reach a decision on the basis of what has been supplied and take account of the failure by a complainant or a firm
MCOB 12.6.1GRP
Firms are reminded that, in relation to a regulated mortgage contract for a business purpose in circumstances where MCOB 7.7.1 R applies, if there is a new early repayment charge or a change to the existing early repayment charge, MCOB 7.7.1 R(2) requires a firm to notify the customer within five business days of the maximum amount payable as an early repayment charge.
GEN 4.4.1RRP
(1) If, in any communication:(a) made to a private customer or, in the case of a communication relating to non-investment insurance contracts, a retail customer,1(b) in connection with a regulated activity carried on from an establishment of the firm (or its appointed representative) that is not in the United Kingdom;the firm indicates that it is an authorised person, it must also, where relevant, and with equal prominence, give the information in (2) in writing.(2) The information
MCOB 13.7.1RRP
Where the regulated mortgage contract is for a business purpose, a firm may as an alternative to MCOB 13.4.1 R(1) provide the following information in a durable medium instead of the FSA information sheet on mortgage arrears: (1) details of the consequences if the payment shortfall is not cleared;(2) a description of the options available to the customer for clearing the payment shortfall; and(3) details of sources of fee-free advice for business customers.
(1) This chapter amplifies Principle 6 (Customers' interests), Principle 7 (Communications with clients) and Principle 9 (Customers: relationships of trust). Principle 6 requires a firm to pay due regard to the interests of its customers and treat them fairly. Principle 7 requires a firm to pay due regard to the information needs of its clients and communicate information to them in a way which is clear, fair and not misleading. Principle 9 requires a firm to take reasonable
MCOB 13.1.6GRP
A firm may have entered into a mix of regulated mortgage contracts and non-regulated mortgage contracts with a customer secured on the same property. In such circumstances, if the regulated mortgage contract is in arrears, notwithstanding that the overall position in respect of the mortgages generally is not in arrears, the firm will need to comply with all the requirements of MCOB 13 in respect to the regulated mortgage contract. Where this involves providing the customer with
(1) The trustee must issue or cancelunits in an AUT when instructed by the manager.(2) Any instructions given by the managermust state, for each class of unit to be issued or cancelled, the number to be issued or cancelled, expressed either as a number of units or as an amount in value (or as a combination of the two).(3) If the trustee is of the opinion that it is not in the interests of unitholders that any units should be issued or cancellation or that to do so would not be
In relation to a regulated mortgage contract for a business purpose, if a firm has opted for the tailored route inMCOB 1.2.3 R(2), it must adopt the following modifications to the provisions in MCOB:(1) (except in relation to sections 6 and 8 of any initial disclosure document provided in accordance with MCOB 4.4.1 R(1)(c)(i) or sections 5 and 8 of any initial disclosure document provided in accordance with MCOB 4.4.1 R(1)(c)(ii)) substitute an alternative description of the facility