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Status: You are viewing the version of the handbook as on 2016-10-03.


    13(in IPRU(INV) 13) where interim net profits are to be included in a firm's capital resources, checked by an external auditor who has undertaken at least to:

      1. (a) satisfy himself that the figures forming the basis of the interim profits have been properly extracted from the underlying accounting records;
      1. (b) review the accounting policies used in calculating the interim profits so as to obtain comfort that they are consistent with those normally adopted by the firm in drawing up its annual financial statements and are in accordance with the accounting principles set out in IPRU(INV) 13;
      1. (c) perform analytical procedures on the result to date, including comparisons of actual performance to date with budget and with the results of prior period(s);
      1. (d) discuss with management the overall performance and financial position of the firm;
      1. (e) obtain adequate comfort that the implications of current and prospective litigation, all known claims and commitments, changes in business activities and provisioning for bad and doubtful debts have been properly taken into account in arriving at the interim profits; and
      1. (f) follow up problem areas of which he is already aware in the course of auditing the firm's financial statements, a copy of whose report asserting that the interim net profits are reasonably stated has been submitted to the20 FCA 20 (although this does not apply to exempt CAD firms).