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SUP 4.4 Appropriate actuaries

Appropriate actuaries' qualifications

SUP 4.4.4RRP

A firm must not appoint as appropriate actuary an actuary who has been disqualified by the FCA5 under section 345 of the Act (Disciplinary measures: FCA) or the PRA under section 345A of the Act (Disciplinary measures: PRA5) from acting as an actuary either for that firm or for a relevant class of firm.

SUP 4.4.5GRP

If it appears to the FCA4 that an appropriate actuary has failed to comply with a duty imposed on him under the Act, it may have the power to and5 may disqualify him under section 3454 of the Act. A list of actuaries who have been disqualified may be found on the FCA5 website (



Specific duties of the appropriate actuary 2

SUP 4.4.6RRP

An appropriate actuary must carry out the triennial investigation and prepare an abstract of the report as required by the PRA Rulebook4.

SUP 4.4.7G


SUP 4.4.8R


SUP 4.4.9G