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PROD 1.5 Application of PROD 5

General: Who? What?

PROD 1.5.1R

1PROD 5 applies to a firm which:

  1. (1)

    offers to sell an extended warranty to a customer; or

  2. (2)

    refers, invites or induces a customer to obtain an extended warranty from a person connected to the firm;

in connection with the entering into of a rent-to-own agreement with the firm.

PROD 1.5.2G

1A person connected to the firm includes someone who has a relevant business relationship with the firm.


PROD 1.5.3R

1PROD 5 applies to a firm with respect to activities carried on from an establishment maintained by it, or its appointed representative, in the United Kingdom.

PROD 1.5.4R


PROD 1.5.5G


PROD 1.5.6G


PROD 1.5.7G