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FUND Sch 2 Notification requirements

FUND Sch 2.1G


Handbook reference (1)

Matter to be notified (2)

Contents of notification (3)

Trigger event (4)

Time allowed (5)

FUND 3.9.11R

Appointment of an external valuer


Appointment of the external valuer

One month before the appointment takes effect

FUND 3.10.2R(1) and FUND 3.10.2AR

The carrying out of any function of an AIFM by a delegate


Upon agreement of delegation arrangement

Before delegation arrangements become effective

FUND 3.10.4R(2) and FUND 3.10.4AR

The sub-delegation of any function of an AIFM by a delegate


When an AIFM’s delegate carries out a sub-delegation

Before the sub-delegation arrangements become effective