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FEES 7D.3 FEES 4 rules incorporated into FEES 7D by cross-reference

FEES 7D.3.1R

1The FCA Handbook provisions relating to FEES 7D are meant to follow closely the provisions relating to the payment of the periodic fees in FEES 4. In the interests of brevity, not all of these provisions are set out again in FEES 7D. In some cases, certain FEES 4 rules are applied to the payment of the TPR DA levy by individual rules in FEES 7D. The rest are set out in the table in FEES 7D.3.3R.

FEES 7D.3.2R

1The rules set out in the table in FEES 7D.3.3R and any other rules in FEES 4 included in FEES 7D by cross-reference apply to the TPR DA levy in the same way as they apply to periodic fees payable under FEES 4.

FEES 7D.3.3R

1Table of rules in FEES 4 that also apply to FEES 7D to the extent that in FEES 4 they apply to fees payable to the FCA

FEES 4 rules incorporated into FEES 7D


FEES 4.2.4R

Method of payment

FEES 4.2.10R

Extension of time

FEES 4.3.7R

Groups of firms

FEES 4.3.17R

Firms acquiring businesses from other firms