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EG 4.1 1Notifying the person under investigation where notice is a requirement under section 170

EG 4.1.1RP

1The FCA will always give written notice of the appointment of investigators to the person under investigation if it is required to give such notice under section 170 of the Act. In such cases, if there is a subsequent change in the scope or conduct of the investigation and, in the FCA's opinion, the person under investigation is likely to be significantly prejudiced if not made aware of this, that person will be given written notice of the change. It is impossible to give a definitive list of the circumstances in which a person is likely to be significantly prejudiced by not being made aware of a change in the scope or conduct of an investigation. However, this may include situations where there may be unnecessary costs from dealing with an aspect of an investigation which the FCA no longer intends to pursue.