Introducing topic-based navigation

We have launched new features on the Handbook website that will allow you to search by key topics and we want your feedback.

These changes will help you find what you are looking for quickly and easily, and make it easier for you to identify related material.

See our video guide to these new features.

New features – browse by topic

We have created a new ‘topic tree’, which you can browse in the same way as the modular table of contents.

  • Clicking on a topic within the topic tree will take you to a results page showing all the provisions that fall under that topic.
  • You can access the topic tree by clicking on the ‘browse by topics’ button on the homepage.

We’ve also made changes to the content pages.

  • You will see a new icon beneath the provision number. Clicking this opens a pop-up box showing any other provisions related to the one you are reading.

 Handbook Taxonomy icon

  • The ‘Related Sections’ tab shows other sections that cover the same topics. You can further filter the list by topics.

Existing features – browse by module

The modular table of contents isn’t changing and you can still access it from the homepage. You can return to the modular view of the Handbook website at any time by clicking on the:

  • ‘Browse by module’ button on the topics tree page
  • ‘table of contents’ tab at the top of content pages, and
  • ‘FCA Handbook’ block in the header of all Handbook pages

Next steps

We want to know what you think about these changes.

Send your comments to and we’ll use your feedback to determine what happens next.