Handbook: updates to IPRU-INV and EG

We are converting the Interim Prudential Sourcebook for Investment Businesses (IPRU-INV) and the Enforcement Guide (EG) from PDF content to HTML web pages. We are doing this so that all the tools and functionality available on the website, like the timeline and glossary pop-ups, can be used in these modules. IPRU-INV Chapters 3 and 5 cannot be converted without renumbering those chapters and they will remain as PDFs while we assess the impact renumbering would have on these well-established provisions. If you would like to send us your feedback on this please email handbook.feedback@fca.org.uk. The Enforcement Guide (EG) will be renumbered in the February Administration Instrument and added to the site on 1 March 2016. We will publish a table of destinations and derivations to make looking up the changes as easy as possible.