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TC App 4.1.1ERP
5106789Part 1: ActivitiesNote: The activity numbers in this table relate to the activities14 in TC App 1.1.1 R. These tables do not cover activities 1, 5, 13A, 13B, 13C, 20A, 21B,14 23A, 23B, 23C, 23D, 23E,17 24, 25 or 26 as these activities do not have a qualification requirement.21 In relation to advising on P2P agreements (activity 9A), see TC 2.1.5HR and TC 2.1.6R(2).24Part 1A: The Retail Distribution Review activities (RDR activities)14Activity NumberRDR24 Activity242Giving
TC App 4.1.1AERP
24In relation to the above RDR activities a qualification in the table in Part 2 will meet the qualification requirement in relation to the activity listed in column 3 of that table, for the purpose of TC 2.1.10E(2), to the extent set out below:(1) where an ‘a’ appears in the fourth column of the table in Part 2 the qualification will fully meet the qualification requirement on and after, 31 December 2012; and(2) where a ‘b’ appears in the fourth column of the table in Part 2
TC App 4.1.1CGRP
24To meet the appropriate qualification requirement, a qualification is expected to meet the appropriate qualification criteria (TC App 5) and the content should cover both technical aspects in relation to the activity number in column 3 of the table in Part 2 as well as the regulation and ethics concerning those activities. Some of the qualifications in the table in Part 2 deal with all aspects and some only deal with certain aspects, as follows: (1) a ‘1’ refers to a syllabus
TC App 5.1.1GRP
1Introduction1.TC Appendix 4E contains a list of appropriate qualifications for the purposes of TC 2.1.10 E.2.This Appendix sets out:(1)the criteria which the FCA may take into account when assessing a qualification provider; and(2)the information the FCA will expect the qualification provider to provide if it asks the FCA to add a qualification to the list of appropriate qualifications in TC Appendix 4 E.Criteria for assessing a qualification provider3.The FCA will expect the