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SUP App 3.9.4GRP
Table 1: CRD activities66Part II RAO ActivitiesPart III RAO Investments1.Taking6 deposits and other repayable funds from the public6Article 5Article 742.LendingArticle 61, 64Article 883.Financial leasing4.Money transmission services 5.Issuing and administering means of payment (eg credit cards, travellers' cheques and bankers' drafts) 6.Guarantees and commitments 7.Trading for own account or for account of customers in:(a) money market instruments(b) foreign exchange (c) financial
SUP App 3.9.5GRP
3Table 2: MiFIDinvestment services and activitiesPart II RAO InvestmentsPart III RAO InvestmentsA MiFIDinvestment services and activities1.Reception and transmission of orders in relation to one or more financial instrumentsArticle 252Article 76-81, 83-85, 892.Execution of orders on behalf of clientsArticle 14, 21A Article 76-81, 83-85, 893.Dealing on own accountArticle 14Article 76-81, 83-85, 894.Portfolio managementArticle 37 (14, 21, 25 - see Note 1) 2Article 76-81, 83-85,
MAR 5.3.1RRP
1A firm operating an MTF must have:(1) transparentand non-discretionary rules and procedures for fair and orderly trading;[Note:Article 14(1) of MiFID](2) objective criteria for the efficient execution of orders;[Note: Article 14(1) of MiFID](3) transparent rules regarding the criteria for determining the financial instruments that can be traded under its systems;[Note: Subparagraph 1 of Article 14(2) of MiFID](4) transparent rules, based on objective criteria, governing access
CASS 6.1.24GRP
The custody rules also, where relevant,2 implement the provisions of MiFID which regulate the obligations of a firm when it holds financial instruments belonging to a client in the course of its MiFID business.2
MAR 9.1.2GRP
Title V of MiFID sets out harmonised market data services authorisation and supervision requirements. These are designed to ensure a necessary level of quality of trading activity information across EU financial markets for users, and for competent authorities to receive accurate and comprehensive information on relevant transactions. These requirements provide for:(1) approved publication arrangements (APAs) to: (a) improve the quality of trade transparency information published
REC 3.15.2RRP
Where, for any reason, an RIE: (1) suspends trading in any derivative (other than an option in relation to a security), in any type of security or in any type of option in relation to a security; or(2) temporarily calls a trading halt in respect of any type of security or in any type of option in relation to a security;it must immediately give the FCA3notice of that event, particulars of that derivative, type of security or type of option in relation to a security, as the case
REC 3.15.2ARRP
1When a UK RIE suspends trading on a regulated market in any financial instrument, it must immediately give the FCA3notice of that event and relevant information including particulars of that financial instrument and the reasons for the action taken. [Note: Article 41(1), paragraph 2 of MiFID]3
2A firm in SUP 17A.1.1.R(4) may use a third party technology provider to submit to the FCAfinancial instrument reference data in respect of a financial instrument traded on its system provided that it does so in a manner consistent with MiFID and MiFIR. Firms will retain responsibility for the completeness, accuracy and timely submission of the data. A firm should be the applicant for, and should complete and sign, the FCA MDP on-boarding application form.
Schedule to the Recognition Requirements Regulations, Paragraph 9A1(1)[A UK RIE] operating a multilateral trading facility must also operate a regulated market.(2)[A UK RIE] operating a multilateral trading facility must comply with those requirements of-(a)Chapter I of Title II of [MiFID], and(b)MiFID implementing Directive,which are applicable to a market operator ... operating such a facility.(3)The requirements of this paragraph do not apply for the purposes of section 292(3)(a)
MAR 5.6.1RRP
1A firm operating an MTF must:(1) report to the FCA:(a) significant breaches of the firm's rules;(b) disorderly trading conditions; and(c) conduct that may involve market abuse; (2) supply the information required under this rule without delay to the FCA and any other authority competent for the investigation and prosecution of market abuse; and (3) provide full assistance to the FCA, and any other authority competent for the investigation and prosecution of market abuse, in
MAR 5.5.1RRP
6A firm operating an MTF must:(1) have effective arrangements and procedures, relevant to the MTF, for the regular monitoring of the compliance by its users with its rules; and(2) monitor the transactions undertaken by its users under its systems in order to identify breaches of those rules, disorderly trading conditions or conduct that may involve market abuse.[Note: Article 26(1) of MiFID]
REC 3.25.1RRP
1A UK RIE and an RAP2must immediately notify the FCA3of:3(1) significant breaches of its rules; or(2) disorderly trading conditions on any of its markets or auctions.2[Note: Article 26(2), first sentence (part) and Article 43(2), first sentence (part) of MiFID. The rest of Article 26(2), first sentence (in so far as it relates to market operators operating an MTF) and Article 43(2), first sentence of MiFID is implemented by REC 3.21.1 R (2)]
Schedule to the Recognition Requirements Regulations, paragraph 32(1)The [UK RIE] must ensure that the systems and controls used in the performance of its [relevant functions] are adequate, and appropriate for the scale and nature of its business.(2)Sub-paragraph (1) applies in particular to systems and controls concerning -(a)the transmission of information;(b)the assessment, mitigation and management of risks to the performance of the [UK RIE'srelevant functions];(c)the effecting