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SYSC 5.2.18RRP
In accordance with section 63E of the Act (Certification of employees by relevant authorised persons), a function is an FCA-specified significant-harm function only if, in relation to the carrying on of a regulated activity by a firm, that function:(1) is not a controlled function in relation to the carrying on of that regulated activity by that firm; and(2) will require the person performing it to be involved in one or more aspects of the firm's affairs, so far as relating to
(1) 3None of the FCA-specified significant-harm functions extend to an individual (ā€œPā€) in relation to a firm if:(a) P is based outside the United Kingdom for the firm; and(b) in a 12-month period, P spends no more than 30 days performing what would otherwise be an FCA-specified significant-harm function for that firm within the territorial scope of this section as described in SYSC 5.2.19R.(2) Paragraph (1) only applies to the extent that P is appropriately supervised by: (a)
SYSC 5.2.42RRP
(1) Subject to (2), each function performed by a member of a firm'sdual-regulated firms Remuneration Code staff (including any person who meets any of the criteria set out in articles 3 to 5 of Commission delegated regulation (EU) No 604/2014 (criteria to identify categories of staff whose professional activities have a material impact on an institution's risk profile)) is an FCA-specified significant-harm function.2(2) For the purposes of this section: 2(a) the definition of
(1) COCON applies to the conduct of 6conduct rules staff set out in (2) 6wherever it is performed.(2) 6This rule applies to:(a) a senior conduct rules staff member; and(b) a certification employee performing FCA-specified significant-harm function (7) (material risk takers) in the table in SYSC 5.2.30R for a UK relevant authorised person.
3The material in CASS 1A.3.1BG about how CASS 1A.3 fits into the FCA approved persons regime for relevant authorised persons also applies to a CASS small firm and the function in CASS 1A.3.1R. However:(1) the function in CASS 1A.3.1R is not an FCA specified significant-harm function; and(2) the person performing that function will not necessarily be subject to the employee certification regime described in SYSC 5.2 (Certification Regime).
(1) (a) CASS 1A.3.1AR describes the FCA controlled function known as the CASS operational oversight function (CF10a). The table of FCA controlled functions3 in SUP 10A.4.4R3 together with SUP 10A.7.9R3 specify the CASS operational oversight function as an FCA required function4 for a firm to which CASS 1A.3.1AR applies.3(b) The CASS operational oversight function does not apply to a relevant authorised person.3(2) (a) For a firm that is a UK relevant authorised person5, the function
CASS 11.3.3GRP
(1) CASS 11.3.4R describes the FCA controlled function known as the CASS operational oversight function (CF10a) in relation to CASS large debt management firms, including not-for-profit debt advice bodies.1(2) As a consequence of CASS 11.3.4R (in conjunction with SUP 10A.4.1R and SUP 10A.7.10R), in a CASS large debt management firm (including a not-for-profit debt advice body fitting into that category) the function described in CASS 11.3.4R is required to be discharged by a director
5Under section 63E(1) of the Act, a relevant authorised person (including a credit union) should take reasonable care to ensure that no employee of the firm performs an FCA-specified significant-harm function under an arrangement entered into by the firm in relation to the carrying on by that firm of a regulated activity, unless the employee has a valid certificate issued by that firm to perform the function to which the certificate relates. The definition of employee for these
(1) Twice a year a firm must provide the FCA with a complete report concerning complaints received from eligible complainants about matters relating to activities carried out by its employees when acting as retail investment advisers. The report must be set out in the format in DISP 1 Annex 1C R.104777(2) DISP 1 Annex 1C R requires (for the relevant reporting period) information about:10(a) the total number of complaints received by the firm about matters relating to activities