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(1) A firm must ensure that, at all times, one or more of its SMF managers have overall responsibility for each of the activities, business areas and management functions of the firm.(2) This rule does not require a firm to ensure that SMF managers have overall responsibility for any activity, business area or management function that is: (a) included in an FCA-prescribed senior management responsibility;(b) included in an PRA-prescribed senior management responsibility; or(c)
SYSC 4.7.35GRP
(1) A firm should allocate between its SMF managers responsibility for every area of its activities.(2) This is required by a mixture of:(a) SYSC 4.7.5R (Allocation of FCA-prescribed senior management responsibilities); (b) SYSC 4.7.8R (Allocation of overall responsibility for a firm’s activities, business areas and management functions); (c) the requirements for FCA-designated senior management functions; and(d) the corresponding PRA requirements.