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Table: FCA-prescribed senior management responsibilities for third-country relevant authorised persons.FCA-prescribed senior management responsibility in relation to the branchExplanationEquivalent PRA-prescribed UK branch senior management responsibility(1) Responsibility for the firm’s performance of its obligations under the senior management regimeThe senior management regime means the requirements of the regulatory system applying to relevant authorised persons insofar as
SYSC 4.8.17GRP
In general, the FCA expects that a person to whom overall responsibility for a function is allocated under SYSC 4.8.10R(1) will be the most senior employee or officer responsible for managing or supervising that function under the management of the branch’sgoverning body.
SYSC 4.8.25GRP
(1) The FCA expects that a firm appointing someone to have local responsibility for a function under SYSC 4.8.10R(2) (responsibility for a branch’s activities, business areas and management functions not under the management of a branch’sgoverning body) will appoint the most senior employee or officer of the firm with responsibility for that activity, business area or management function.(2) However, as explained in SYSC 4.8.27G (Setting overall strategy for a branch), the firm
SYSC 4.7.24GRP
(1) The FCA expects that normally a firm will allocate the FCA-prescribed senior management responsibility in rows (5), (7), (8), (9) and (10) of the table in SYSC 4.7.7R to an SMF manager who is a non-executive director of the firm.(2) The FCA expects that normally a firm will allocate:(a) the other FCA-prescribed senior management responsibilities; and(b) functions under SYSC 4.7.8R (Allocation of overall responsibility for a firm’s activities, business areas and management
A management responsibilities map must include:(1) (a) the names of all the firm's:(i) approved persons (including PRA approved persons); (ii) members of its governing body and (if different) management body who are not approved persons; (iii) senior management; and(iv) senior personnel; and(b) details of the responsibilities which they hold;(2) all responsibilities described in any current statement of responsibilities; (3) details of the management and governance arrangements
CASS 11.3.3GRP
(1) CASS 11.3.4R describes the FCA controlled function known as the CASS operational oversight function (CF10a) in relation to CASS large debt management firms, including not-for-profit debt advice bodies.1(2) As a consequence of CASS 11.3.4R (in conjunction with SUP 10A.4.1R and SUP 10A.7.10R), in a CASS large debt management firm (including a not-for-profit debt advice body fitting into that category) the function described in CASS 11.3.4R is required to be discharged by a director
(1) (a) CASS 1A.3.1AR describes the FCA controlled function known as the CASS operational oversight function (CF10a). The table of FCA controlled functions3 in SUP 10A.4.4R3 together with SUP 10A.7.9R3 specify the CASS operational oversight function as an FCA required function4 for a firm to which CASS 1A.3.1AR applies.3(b) The CASS operational oversight function does not apply to a relevant authorised person.3(2) (a) For a firm that is a UK relevant authorised person5, the function