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(1) A firm carrying out contracts of insurance, or a managing agent managing insurance business, including in either case business accepted under reinsurance to close, which includes United Kingdom commercial lines employers' liability insurance, must:(a) produce an employers’ liability register complying with the requirements in (2) and ICOBS 8 Annex 1;(b) [deleted]5(c) [deleted]5(1A) [deleted]5(2) For the purposes of (1)(a) the employers’ liability register is required to:(a)
The conditions referred to in ICOBS 8.4.4R (2)(d) and ICOBS 8.4.7R (1)(a)(ii) are that the tracing office is one which:(1) maintains a database which:(a) accurately and reliably stores information submitted to it by firms for the purposes of complying with these rules;(b) has systems which can adequately keep it up to date in the light of new information provided by firms;(c) has an effective search function which allows a person inputting data included on the database relating
(1) ICOBS 8.4.4R (2)(b) and ICOBS 8.4.9R (1) require a firm, or a tracing office used by a firm, to have an effective search function in relation to the employers’ liability register database. In the FCA's view an effective search function is one which finds all matches in the register to any specified whole word.(2) For the purposes of ICOBS 8.4.9R (5) the term ‘without delay’ should have the same meaning as in ICOBS 8.4.5G (2). (3) In order to assist firms with their obligations
SYSC 22.7.4GRP
(1) SYSC 22.2.1R (Obligation 4to obtain a reference) applies even if the ex-employer is not a firm.2(2) A firm3 should take all reasonable steps to try to obtain the reference in these circumstances. However, the FCA accepts that the previous employer may not be willing to give sufficient information.2
SYSC 22.7.7GRP
(1) If a3firm (A):2(a) appoints someone (P) to a certification function2 or an approved person position;(b) obtains a reference from an ex-employer (B); and(c) later wishes to: (i) appoint P to another certification function2 or approved person position; or(ii) keep P in the same certification function2 but make a change in P’s role of the type described in SYSC 27.2.15G (major changes in role), whether that change is made at a time when the certificate has not yet come up for
SYSC 22.7.8GRP
[deleted] [Editor’s note: The text of this provision has been moved to SYSC 22.8A.3G]3
SYSC 22.2.1RRP
(1) If a3firm (A) is considering:12(a) permitting or appointing someone (P) to perform a controlled function; 3(b) issuing a certificate under the certification regime for P; or3(ba) 3appointing a board director;(as explained in more detail in rows (A) and (B) of the table in SYSC 22.2.3R), A must take reasonable steps to obtain appropriate references from: (c) P’s current employer; and(d) anyone who has been P’s employer in the past six years.(2) A must take reasonable steps
SYSC 22.9.5GRP
(1) SYSC 22.9.1R applies to keeping records created before the date this chapter came into force as well as ones created afterwards.(2) A3firm does not breach the requirements of this chapter by failing to include something in a reference or by failing to have records2 because it destroyed the relevant records before the date this chapter came into force in accordance with the record keeping requirements applicable to it at the time of destruction.2(3) (1) also applies to records
SYSC 22.8.9GRP
[deleted] [Editor’s note: The text of this provision has been moved to SYSC 22.8A.6G]3