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Some important compliance issues include:(1) insurance against fraud and dishonesty;(2) arrangements for the prevention, detection and reporting of money laundering;(3) establishing and maintaining a satisfactory system of control;(4) keeping proper books of account;(5) computation and application of profits;(6) investment of surplus funds;(7) capital requirements; (8) liquidity requirements;(9) limits on shares and loans;(10) maintenance of membership records;(11) submission
EG 18.1.2RP
1When considering whether to cancel a sponsor's approval on its own initiative, the FCA will take into account all relevant factors, including, but not limited to, the following: (1) the competence of the sponsor; (2) the adequacy of the sponsor's systems and controls; (3) the sponsor's history of compliance with the listing rules; (4) the nature, seriousness and duration of the suspected failure of the sponsor to meet (at
EG 18.1.4RP
1When considering whether to cancel a primary information provider’s approval on its own initiative, the FCA will take into account all relevant factors, including, but not limited to, the following: (1) the competence of the primary information provider; (2) the adequacy of the primary information provider’s systems and controls; (3) the primary information provider’s history of compliance with DTR 8; (4) the nature, seriousness and duration of the suspected
LR 7.2.1RRP
The Listing Principles are as follows:Listing3 Principle 1A listed company must take reasonable steps to establish and maintain adequate procedures, systems and controls to enable it to comply with its obligations.33Listing3 Principle 2A listed company must deal with the FCA in an open and co-operative manner.33Principle 3[deleted]33Principle 4[deleted]33Principle 5[deleted]33Principle 6[deleted]33
LR 7.2.2GRP
Listing Principle 13 is intended to ensure that listed companies have adequate procedures, systems and controls to enable them to comply with their obligations under the listing rules, disclosure requirements4, transparency rules and corporate governance rules.3 In particular, the FCA considers that listed companies should place particular emphasis on ensuring that they have adequate procedures, systems and controls in relation to, where applicable:333(1) identifying whether any
SYSC 14.1.28GRP
The precise role and organisation of internal controls can vary from firm to firm. However, a firm'sinternal controls should normally be concerned with assisting its governing body and relevant senior managers to participate in ensuring that it meets the following objectives:(1) safeguarding both the assets of the firm and its customers, as well as identifying and managing liabilities;(2) maintaining the efficiency and effectiveness of its operations;(3) ensuring the reliability
COLL 8.5.10RRP
(1) The authorised fund manager must:(a) ensure that at each valuation point there are at least as many units in issue of any class as there are units registered to unitholders of that class; and(b) not do, or omit anything that would, or might confer on itself a benefit or advantage at the expense of a unitholder or potential unitholder.(2) For the purposes of (1) the authorised fund manager may take into account sales and redemptions after the valuation point, provided it has
DTR 8.4.31RRP
A primary information provider must have effective systems and controls in place to ensure that it can comply with its continuing obligations in DTR 8.4.1 R to DTR 8.4.30 R.
REC 5.2.14GRP
Information and supporting documentation (see REC 5.2.4 G).(1)Details of the applicant's constitution, structure and ownership, including its memorandum and articles of association (or similar or analogous documents ) and any agreements between the applicant, its owners or other persons relating to its constitution or governance (if not contained in the information listed in REC 5.2.3A G)1. An applicant for RAP status must provide details of the relationship between the governance
(1) The nature and extent of the systems and controls which a firm will need to maintain under SYSC 3.1.1 R will depend upon a variety of factors including:(a) the nature, scale and complexity of its business;(b) the diversity of its operations, including geographical diversity;(c) the volume and size of its transactions; and(d) the degree of risk associated with each area of its operation.(2) To enable it to comply with its obligation to maintain appropriate systems and controls,
2In relation to the written statement referred to in ICOBS 8.4.4R (1)(b):(1) ICOBS 8.4.4R (1)(b) does not preclude the relevant director from, in addition, including in the director's statement any of the following as relevant:(a) if a firm's employers’ liability register is more than materially compliant, a statement to this effect, and/or a statement of the extent to which the director considers, to the best of his knowledge, the firm to be compliant in its production of the
COLL 11.6.13RRP
Where the authorised fund manager of a feeder UCITS gives notice to the FCA under section 251 or section 261Q1 of the Act or regulation 21 of the OEIC Regulations that it intends to wind up the scheme, it must inform:(1) the unitholders of the feeder UCITS; and(2) where notice is given under COLL 11.6.5R (4) (Application for approval by a feeder UCITS where a master UCITS merges or divides), the authorised fund manager of the master UCITS;of its intention without undue delay.[Note:
EG 2.11.1RP
2The FCA is committed to ensuring that senior managers of firms fulfil their responsibilities. The FCA expects senior management to take responsibility for ensuring firms identify risks, develop appropriate systems and controls to manage those risks, and ensure that the systems and controls are effective in practice.1 Where senior managers have failed to meet our standards1, the FCA will, where appropriate, bring cases against individuals as well as, or instead of,1firms. The