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SUP 16.10.5GRP
The standing data is made available to the firm when the firm logs into the appropriate section of the FSA website. The firm should check the standing data and send any corrections to the FSA. The FSA's preferred method of receiving corrections to standing data is by the online forms available at the FSA's website.2
SUP 16.3.9RRP

Method of submission of reports (see SUP 16.3.8 R)


Method of delivery


Post to the published address of the FSA for postal submission of reports


Leaving the report marked for the attention of "Central Reporting"22 at the published address of the FSA for hand delivery of reports and obtaining a dated receipt


Electronic mail or fax to the published e-mail address or fax number of the FSA's Central Reporting team.22



Online submission via the appropriate systems accessible from the22FSA's website at