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SUP 18.4.35GRP
The procedure will be informal. All participants will be expected to speak concisely and avoid repetition. The FSA will, as far as practicable, help those who are not professionally represented. Those taking the hearing may question the participants. The sequence of events will normally be broadly:(1) any preliminary matters (such as the admission of the public or other procedural questions) will be dealt with;(2) the chair of the hearing will introduce the proceedings;(3) the
SUP 6.3.39GRP
A decision to grant an application for variation of Part IV permission, as applied for, will be taken by appropriately experienced FSA staff. However, if the FSA staff dealing with the application recommend that a firm's application for variation of Part IV permission be either refused or granted subject to limitations or requirements or a narrower description of regulated activities than applied for, the decision will be taken by either the RDC or executive procedures.
The FSA will consider the full circumstances of each case when determining whether or not to take action for a financial penalty or public censure. Set out below is a list of factors that may be relevant for this purpose. The list is not exhaustive: not all of these factors may be applicable in a particular case, and there may be other factors, not listed, that are relevant.(1) The nature, seriousness and impact of the suspected breach, including:(a) whether the breach was deliberate
1This manual (DEPP) is relevant to firms, approved persons and other persons, whether or not they are regulated by the FSA. It sets out:(1) the FSA's decision-making procedure for giving statutory notices. These are warning notices, decision notices and supervisory notices (DEPP 1.2 to DEPP 5);(2) the FSA's policy with respect to the imposition and amount of penalties under the Act (see DEPP 6);(2A) 2the FSA's policy with respect to the imposition of suspensions or restrictions,
LR 8.6.4GRP
When considering an application for approval as a sponsor the FSA may:(1) carry out any enquiries and request any further information which it considers appropriate, including consulting other regulators;(2) request that the applicant or its specified representative answer questions and explain any matter the FSA considers relevant to the application;(3) take into account any information which it considers appropriate in relation to the application.22(4) [deleted]22[Note: The