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SUP 17.2.5RRP
(1) 21The operator of , an approved reporting mechanism2, or the operator of an MTF or a market operator through whose systems a reportable transaction is to be completed and which has, pursuant to SUP 17.2.3 R, agreed to make transactionreports2 to the FCA on behalf of a firm, must:2(a) make reports to the FCA in respect of each to which the agreement relates;2(b) ensure such reports 2contain the reporting fields specified in SUP 17 Annex 1, where applicable; and2(c) ensure
SUP 17.1.3AGRP
2In line with guidance from CESR, the FCA acknowledges that, from a practical point of view, it would be burdensome for branches of investment firms to be obliged to report their transactions to two competent authorities. Therefore, all transactions executed by branches may be reported to the competent authority of the Host State, if the investment firm elects to do so. In these cases transaction reports should follow the rules of the competent authority to which the report is
COLL 6.6.12RRP
(1) The depositary of an authorised fund is responsible for the safekeeping of all of the scheme property (other than tangible movable property) entrusted to it and must:(a) take all steps and complete all documents needed to ensure completion of transactions properly entered into for the account of the scheme;(b) ensure that scheme property in registered form is, as soon as practicable, registered in the name of the depositary, its nominee, or a person retained by it under COLL
SUP 15.6.2GRP
SUP 15.6.1 R applies also in relation to rules outside this chapter, and even if they are not notification rules. Examples of rules and chapters to which SUP 15.6.1 R is relevant, are:(1) Principle 11, and the guidance on Principle 11 in SUP 2 (Information gathering by the FCA and PRA99 on their9 own initiative);9(2) SUP 15 (Notifications to the appropriate regulator):99(3) SUP 16 (Reporting requirements); (4) SUP 17 (Transaction reporting); 1(5) any notification rule (see Schedule
148FEES applies to all persons required to pay a fee or levy under a provision of the Handbook. The purpose of this chapter is to set out to whom the rules and guidance in FEES apply. FEES 2 (General Provisions) contains general provisions which may apply to any type of fee payer. FEES 3 (Application, Notification and Vetting Fees) covers one-off fees payable on a particular event for example various application fees (including those in relation to authorisation, variation of