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SUP 17.2.3RRP
1A firm is relieved of its obligation to make a transaction2report2 if the transaction is instead reported directly to the FCA by an approved reporting mechanism2, or by a regulated market or MTF through whose systems the transaction was completed.[Note: article 25(5) of MiFID]2
SUP 17.2.5RRP
(1) 21The operator of , an approved reporting mechanism2, or the operator of an MTF or a market operator through whose systems a reportable transaction is to be completed and which has, pursuant to SUP 17.2.3 R, agreed to make transactionreports2 to the FCA on behalf of a firm, must:2(a) make reports to the FCA in respect of each to which the agreement relates;2(b) ensure such reports 2contain the reporting fields specified in SUP 17 Annex 1, where applicable; and2(c) ensure
SUP 17.1.1RRP
1This chapter applies to:(1) a MiFID investment firm;(2) a third country investment firm; and to(3) a person who is the operator of an approved reporting mechanism or of a regulated market or MTF that is used by a firm to report transactions to the FCA; and(4) a firm acting in its capacity as a manager or operator of:(a) a collective investment undertaking; or(b) a pension scheme; or(c) an occupational pension scheme; or(d) a personal pension scheme; or(e) a stakeholder pension
This manual applies in the following way:(1) FEES 1, 2 and 3 apply to the fee payers listed in column 1 of the Table of application, notification and vetting fees in FEES 3.2.7 R. and FEES 3.2.7A R.4710(a) [deleted]1010(b) [deleted]1010(c) [deleted]1010(d) [deleted]1010(e) [deleted]10(f) [deleted]1010(g) [deleted]1010(h) [deleted]1010(i) [deleted]1010(j) [deleted]1010(k) [deleted]1010(l) [deleted]1010(m) [deleted]1010(n) [deleted]104(o) 3345410[deleted]10(p) 55410[deleted]10(q)