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REC 4.5.1GRP
UK RIEs1which, under their rules, have market contracts are required to have default rules enabling them (among other things) to take action in relation to a member who appears to be unable to meet his obligations in respect of one or more unsettled market contracts. The detailed recognition requirements relating to the default rules are set out in REC 2.17. 1
REC 4.5.3GRP
The Companies Act 1989 also gives the FCA1 powers to supervise the taking of action under default rules. Under section 166 of the Companies Act 1989 (Powers of the appropriate regulator1 to give directions) (see REC 4.5.4 G), the FCA1 may direct a UK RIE1to take, or not to take, action under its default rules. Before exercising these powers the FCA1 must consult the UK RIE.1 The FCA1 may also exercise these powers if a relevant office-holder applies to it under section 167 of
REC 4.5.10GRP
The effect of an application under section 167 of the Companies Act 1989 is to require the UK recognised body concerned to take action under its default rules or to require the FCA1 to take action under section 166 of the Companies Act 1989 (see REC 4.5.4G).1
REC 4.8.1GRP
A decision to: (1) revoke a recognition order under section 297 of the Act (Revoking recognition) or (for RAPs) regulation 4 of the RAP regulations; or3(2) make a direction under section 296 (FCA's4powers to give directions) or (for RAPs) regulation 3 of the RAP regulations; or34(3) refuse to make a recognition order under section 290 (Recognition orders) or 290A (Refusal of recognition on ground of excessive regulatory provision) or (for RAPs) regulation 2 of the RAP regulations32;is
REC 4.8.4GRP
In considering whether or not to make a recognition order, the FCA4 will have regard to all relevant information and factors, including its guidance to recognised bodies and applicants and the information provided by applicants. Details of the application processes and other guidance for applicants are set out in REC 5 and (for overseas applications) REC 6.4
REC 4.7.4GRP
The FCA3 would be likely to consider the conditions in REC 4.7.3 G (2) or REC 4.7.3 G (3) to be triggered1in the following circumstances:31(1) the recognised body appears not to have the resources or management to be able to organise its affairs so as to satisfy one or more of the recognised body requirements; or212(2) the recognised body does not appear to be willing to satisfy one or more of the recognised body requirements; or212(3) the recognised body is failing or has failed
REC 1.2.1GRP
The purpose of the guidance (other than in REC 6A) 2in this sourcebook is to give information on the recognised body requirements.3 The purpose of the guidance3 in REC 6A is to give EEA market operators information about their passporting rights in the United Kingdom2. Explanations of the purposes of the rules in this sourcebook are given in the chapters concerned.2233
REC 1.2.2GRP
(1) Most of the provisions in this sourcebook are marked with a G (to indicate guidance) or an R (to indicate a rule). Quotations from UK5 statute or statutory instruments are marked with the letters "UK"5 unless they form part of a piece of guidance. Other informative text regarding provisions of EU directives or directly applicable EU regulations which is meant to be for the convenience of readers but is not part of the legislative material is preceded by the word “Note”.5
REC 1.1.3GRP
(1) The recognition requirements for UK recognised bodies5are set out, with guidance, in REC 2. The RAP recognition requirements (other than requirements under the auction regulation which are not reproduced in REC) are set out, with guidance, in REC 2A.32(1A) Key relevant MiFID/MiFIR requirements directly applicable to UK recognised bodies are signposted as “Notes”.5(2) The notification rules for UKrecognised bodies are set out in REC 3 together with guidance on those rules.(3)
6The FCA receives notice for the purposes of REC 4.2D.8G when it is informed of the suspension or removal decision by the RIE, investment firm with a Part 4A permission enabling it to carry on MiFID business, or CRD credit institution that operates the trading venue.
PERG 2.10.6GRP
Investment exchanges and clearing houses can apply for recognition under Part XVIII of the Act (Recognised investment exchanges and clearing houses). Auction platforms can apply for recognition under the RAP Regulations.3 See REC.3
SUP 8.1.2GRP
A recognised body should see REC 3.3 for information on waivers of rules in REC under section 294 of the Act.