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SUP 16.11.1RRP
This section2 applies to a firm which is a mortgage lender; or in respect of sales to a private customer or a retail customer:(1) an insurer; or(2) the operator ofa regulated collective investment scheme, or an investment trust savings scheme ; or (3) a person who issues or manages the relevant assets of the issuer of a structured capital-at-risk product,unless the firm is a managing agent.
SUP 16.11.2GRP
(1) The purpose of this section2 is to set out the requirements for firms in the retail mortgage, investment, and pure protection contract markets specified in SUP 16.11.1 R to report individual product sales data to the FSA. This requirement applies whether the regulated activity has been carried out by the firm, or through an intermediary which has dealt directly with the firm.2(2) The purpose of collecting this data is to assist the FSA in the ongoing supervision of firms engaged
SUP 16.11.3RRP
(1) A firm must submit a report (the 'data report') containing the information required by SUP 16.11.5 R quarterly, within 20 business days of the end of the quarter, unless (3) applies.(2) The reporting periods are the four calendar quarters of each year beginning on 1 January.(3) A firm need not submit a data report if no relevant sales have occurred in the quarter.
SUP 16.11.4GRP
(1) A firm may submit a data report more frequently than quarterlyif it wishes.(2) If it is easier and more practical for a firm to submit additional data relating to products other than those specified in SUP 16.11.5 R, it may submit that additional data to the FSA in a data report.
SUP 16.3.2GRP
This chapter has been split into eight5sections, covering:53(1) annual controllers reports (SUP 16.4);(2) annual close links reports (SUP 16.5);(3) compliance reports (SUP 16.6); (4) financial reports (SUP 16.7); (5) persistency reports (SUP 16.8);53(6) annual appointed representatives reports (SUP 16.9);553(7) Verification of standing data (SUP 16.10); and58(8) product sales data reporting (SUP 16.11).5