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SUP 16.10.2GRP
Firm details are13 used by the FCA10 :2020(1) to ensure that a firm is presented with the correct regulatory return when it seeks to report electronically;(2) in order to communicate with a firm;(3) as the basis for some sections of the Financial Services Register;20 and 20(4) in order to carry out thematic analysis across sectors and groups of firms.
SUP 16.10.3GRP
In view of the importance attached to firm details13, and the consequences which may result if they are13 wrong, this section provides the framework for a firm to check and correct them13.
SUP 16.10.4RRP
(1) Within 6016business days of its accounting reference date, a firm must check the accuracy of its firm details13 through the relevant section of the FCA10 website.2020(2) [paragraph suspended by FSA 2004/79]5(3) If any firm details are13 incorrect, the firm must submit5 the corrected firm details13 to the FCA10520 using the appropriate form set out in SUP 15 Ann 3 and in accordance with SUP 16.10.4A R.55
SUP 16.10.4ARRP
(1) A firm must submit any corrected firm details under SUP 16.10.4R(3) using the appropriate online systems accessible through the FCA’s website.1688138202020779(2) [deleted]1681312202020(a) to or via post or hand delivery to the FCA marked for the attention of the ‘Supervision Hub17’; or12141414(b) by using the appropriate online systems available from the FCA’s website.12(3) Where a firm is obliged to submit corrected firm details13 online under (1),
SUP 16.10.5GRP
The firm details are made available to the firm when the firm logs into the appropriate section of the FCA’s website. The firm should check the firm details and send any corrections to the FCA.15 The FCA’s preferred method of receiving corrections to firm details is by the online forms available at the FCA’s website.1310202013102020102020131020202
SUP 16.3.2GRP
This chapter has been split into the following 14sections, covering:53514(1) annual controllers reports (SUP 16.4);(2) annual close links reports (SUP 16.5);(3) compliance reports (SUP 16.6); (4) [deleted]2424(4A) annual report and accounts (SUP 16.7A);26(5) persistency reports (SUP 16.8);53(6) annual appointed representatives reports (SUP 16.9);553(7) verification38 of firm details34 (SUP 16.10);5814(8) product sales data reporting (SUP 16.11);51419(9) integrated regulatory