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SUP 13.6.11GRP
When the appropriate UK regulator17 receives a notice from a UK firm other than a MiFID investment firm7(see SUP 13.6.5 G (1) and SUP 13.6.7 G (1))14, a UK firm exercising an EEA right under the MCD (see SUP 13.6.9D G), a UK firm exercising an EEA right under the IDD (see SUP 13.6.9AG)16 or an AIFM (see SUP 13.6.9C G)10it is required by regulations 11(4) and 13(4) to either refuse, or consent to the change within a period of one month7 from the day on which it received the n
SUP 13A.6.4GRP
Under the EEA Passport Rights Regulations, references in section 60 of the Act (applications for approval for persons to perform controlled functions) to "the authorised person concerned" include:33(1) an EEA MiFID investment firm whose Home State regulator has given a consent notice under paragraph 13 of Schedule 3 to the Act (see SUP 13A.4.1G (1) and SUP 13A.4.2 G) or a regulator's notice under paragraph 14 of that Schedule (see SUP 13A.5.3G (1)), and which will be the authorised