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SUP 13.6.5FGRP
15If a UK MiFID investment firm closes a branch or stops using a tied agent, it is required to notify the FCA using the form in Annex X of MiFID ITS 4A. [Note: articles 18(4) and 19(4) of MiFID ITS 4A]
SUP 13.4.8GRP
(1) 18A UK MiFID investment firm is required to submit an investment services and activities passport notification to the FCA by completing the form in Annex I of MiFID ITS 4A. The firm should complete a separate form for each EEA State it wishes to provide services into.[Note: article 4(1) of MiFID ITS 4A](2) A UK MiFID investment firm wishing to provide investment services or activities through a tied agent established in the UK is required to send an investment services and
SUP 13.12.2GRP
To contact the FCA and/or PRA authorisations teams, please see the details provided on that regulator's website.5534