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SUP 12.4.8GRP
If a firm has doubts that a prospective introducerappointed representative or other person is of sufficiently good reputation and otherwise fit and proper, the FSA will expect it to resolve those doubts before appointing the prospective introducer appointed representative. For example, if a firm is aware that a person's previous appointment as an introducer appointed representative or representative was terminated, it should take reasonable steps to find out the reasons for the
SUP 12.4.9GRP
(1) 1An appointed representative must not commence an insurance mediation activity until he is included on the Register as carrying on such activities (see SUP 12.5.2 G (3)). (2) If an appointed representative's scope of appointment is to include an insurance mediation activity, the principal must notify the FSA of the appointment before the appointed representative commences that activity (see SUP 12.7.1 R (1)). (3) As an exception, pre-notification is not required if the appointed
SUP 12.4.10GRP
(1) 1The FSA has the power to decide not to include on the Register (or to remove from the Register) an appointed representative whose scope of appointment includes an insurance mediation activity, if it appears to the FSA that he is not a fit and proper person to carry on those activities (article 95 of the Regulated Activities Order).(2) If the FSA proposes to use the power in (1), it must give the appointed representative a warning notice. If the FSA decides to proceed with
SUP 12.4.11RRP
8If a UK MiFID investment firm appoints an FSA registered tied agent, SUP 12.4.2 R and SUP 12.4.2A R apply to that firm as though the FSA registered tied agent were an appointed representative.[Note: paragraphs 3 and 4 of article 23(3) of MiFID]
SUP 12.4.12GRP
(1) 8A tied agent that is an appointed representative may not start to act as a tied agent until it is included on the applicable register (section 39(1A) of the Act). If the tied agent is established in the UK, the register maintained by the FSA is the applicable register for these purposes. If the tied agent is established in another EEA State, it should consult section 39(1B) of the Act to determine the applicable register.(2) A UK MiFID investment firm that appoints an FSA
SUP 12.7.7RRP
(1) If:434(a) (i) the scope of appointment of an appointed representative is extended to cover insurance mediation activities for the first time; and42(ii) the appointed representative is not included on the Register as carrying on insurance mediation activities in another capacity; or42(b) the scope of appointment of an appointed representative ceases to include insurance mediation activity;42the appointed representative's principal must give written notice to the FSA of that
SUP 12.7.8RRP
(1) As soon as a firm has reasonable grounds to believe that any of the conditions in SUP 12.4.2 R,SUP 12.4.6 R or SUP 12.4.8A R4 (as applicable) are not satisfied, or are likely not to be satisfied, in relation to any of its appointed representatives, it must complete and submit to the FSA the form in SUP 12 Annex 4 (Appointed representative notification form), in accordance with the instructions on the form.3(2) In its notification under SUP 12.7.8 R (1), the firm must state
SUP 12.2.3GRP
As long as the conditions in section 39 of the Act are satisfied, any person, other than an authorised person, may become an appointed representative, including a body corporate, a partnership or an individual in business on his own account. However, an appointed representative cannot be an authorised person under the Act; that is, it cannot be exempt for some regulated activities and authorised for others.
SUP 12.2.16GRP
(1) 12A tied agent is a person who acts for and under the responsibility of a MiFID investment firm (or a third country investment firm) in respect of MiFID business (or the equivalent business of the third country investment firm). Most tied agents appointed by firms are also appointed representatives.(2) Unless otherwise provided, this chapter applies to a firm that appoints a tied agent that is an appointed representative in the same way as it applies to the appointment of
SUP 12.5.3GRP
A firm should satisfy itself that the terms of the contract with its appointed representative (including an introducer appointed representative):(1) are designed to enable the firm to comply properly with any limitations or requirements on its own permission;(2) require the appointed representative to cooperate with the FSA as described in SUP 2.3.4 G (Information gathering by the FSA on its own initiative: cooperation by firms) and give access to its premises, as described in
SUP 12.8.1RRP
If either the firm or the appointed representative notifies the other that it proposes to terminate the contract of appointment or to amend it so that it no longer meets the requirements contained or referred to in SUP 12.5 (Contracts: required terms), the firm must:2(1) complete and submit to the FSA the form in SUP 12 Annex 5 (Appointed representative termination form) in accordance with the instructions on the form and no more than ten business days after the date of the decision
SUP 12.8.2GRP
In assessing whether to terminate a relationship with an appointed representative, a firm should be aware that the notification rules in SUP 15 require notification to be made immediately to the FSA if certain events occur. Examples include a matter having a serious regulatory impact or involving an offence or a breach of any requirement imposed by the Act or by regulations or orders made under the Act by the Treasury.
SUP 12.8.4GRP
The firm is responsible for notifying the FSA of any approved person who no longer performs a controlled function under an arrangement entered into by a firm or its appointed representative (see SUP 10.3).
SUP 12.8.5GRP
2The FSA has the power to remove from the Register an appointed representative, whose scope of appointment covers insurance mediation activities (see SUP 12.4.9 G and SUP 12.4.10 G).
GEN 5.1.1GRP
1This chapter contains:2(1) guidance for firms and appointed representatives or tied agents5on the circumstances in which the FSA permits firms and their appointed representatives or tied agents5to reproduce the FSA logo;2(2) rules on the use by firms of the Key facts logo.2
GEN 5.1.8RRP
6A firm must not use the FSA logo (and must take all reasonable steps to ensure that its representatives do not use the FSA logo) in any communication with a client other than in accordance with the general licence in GEN 5 Annex 1 G or any individual licence granted by the FSA to the firm or its representatives.
SUP 12.1.3GRP
The chapter also sets out the FSA'srules, and guidance on these rules, that apply to a firm before it appoints, when it appoints and when it has appointed an appointed representative. The main purpose of these rules is to place responsibility on a firm for seeking to ensure that: (1) its appointed representatives are fit and proper to deal with clients in its name; and (2) clients dealing with its appointed representatives are afforded the same level of protection as if they had
SUP 12.1.4GRP
The FSA has produced a leaflet entitled "Becoming an appointed representative" which provides a comprehensive summary of some of the main features of the appointed representative regime. You may download a copy of this leaflet from our website at
SUP 12.1.5GRP
2This chapter also sets out guidance about section 39A of the Act, which is relevant to a UK MiFID investment firm that is considering appointing an FSA registered tied agent. It also sets out the FSA'srules, and guidance on those rules, in relation to the appointment of an EEA tied agent by a UK MiFID investment firm.
SUP 2.3.1GRP
The FSA uses various methods of information gathering on its own initiative which require the cooperation of firms:(1) Visits may be made by representatives or appointees of the FSA. These visits may be made on a regular basis, on a sample basis, for special purposes such as theme visits (looking at a particular issue across a range of firms), or when the FSA has a particular reason for visiting a firm. Appointees of the FSA may include persons who are not FSA staff, but who have
SUP 2.3.3GRP
In complying with Principle 11, the FSA considers that a firm should, in relation to the discharge by the FSA of its functions under the Act:(1) make itself readily available for meetings with representatives or appointees of the FSA as reasonably requested;(2) give representatives or appointees of the FSA reasonable access to any records, files, tapes or computer systems, which are within the firm's possession or control, and provide any facilities which the representatives
SUP 2.3.4GRP
In complying with Principle 11, the FSA considers that a firm should take reasonable steps to ensure that the following persons act in the manner set out in SUP 2.3.3 G: (1) its employees, agents and appointed representatives; and(2) any other members of its group, and their employees and agents.(See also, in respect of appointed representatives, SUP 12.5.3 G (2)).
SUP 2.3.5RRP
(1) A firm must permit representatives of the FSA, or persons appointed for the purpose by the FSA, to have access, with or without notice, during reasonable business hours to any of its business premises in relation to the discharge of the FSA's functions under the Act.(2) A firm must take reasonable steps to ensure that its agents, suppliers under material outsourcing arrangements and appointed representatives permit such access to their business premises. (See also, in respect
SUP 12.6.2GRP
The FSA would normally expect a firm to carry out a check on its appointed representative's financial position every year (more often, if necessary) and to review critically the information obtained. An appropriately experienced person (for example, a financial accountant) should carry out these checks.
SUP 12.6.9GRP
Firms should be aware that, under the approved persons regime, the firm is responsible for submitting applications to the FSA for the approval as an approved person of:(1) any individual who performs a controlled function and who is an appointed representative; and(2) any person who performs a controlled function under an arrangement entered into by any of the firm'sappointed representatives.Applications for approval should be submitted as early as possible since a person may
SUP 15.3.11RRP
(1) A firm must notify the FSA of:(a) a significant breach of a rule (which includes a Principle, or a Statement of Principle ; or(b) a breach of any requirement imposed by the Act or by regulations or an order made under the Act by the Treasury (except if the breach is an offence, in which case (c) applies);6(c) the bringing of a prosecution for, or a conviction of, any offence under the Act;(d) a breach of a directly applicable provision in the MiFID Regulation; or6(e) a breach
SUP 12.9.5RRP
2If a UK MiFID investment firm appoints an EEA tied agent this section applies to that firm as though the EEA tied agent were an appointed representative.
DEPP 2.5.18GRP
Some of the distinguishing features of notices given under enactments other than the Act are as follows: (1) Building Societies Act 1986, section 36A: There is no right to refer a decision to issue a prohibition order under section 36A to the Tribunal. Accordingly, a decision notice under section 36A(5A) is not required to give an indication of whether any such right exists. A decision notice under section 36A(5A) may only relate to the issue of a prohibition order under section
SUP 16.9.2GRP
1The purpose of the rules and guidance in this section is to ensure that, in addition to the notifications made under SUP 12.7 (Appointed representatives; notification requirements), the FSA receives regular and comprehensive information about the appointed representatives engaged by a firm, so that the FSA is in a better position to pursue the regulatory objective of the protection of consumers.3
SUP 16.9.3RRP
(1) 1A firm must:(a) submit a report to the FSA annually, in the form of an amended copy of the relevant extract from the FSA Register, containing the information in (2);3(b) submit the report in (1) to the FSA within four months of the firm'saccounting reference date.(2) The report in (1) must contain a list of all the current appointed representatives of the firm as at the firm'saccounting reference date.(3) The report in (1) is not required if:(a) the firm has no appointed
PERG 8.17.13GRP
Introducers can check whether a person is an authorised person or an appointed representative by visiting the FSA's register at an authorised person has permission to carry on a regulated activity (which can be checked on the FSA's register) it is reasonable, in the FSA's view, to conclude that the authorised person carries on that activity (but not a controlled activity which is not a regulated activity). The FSA would normally expect introducers
PERG 8.17.14GRP
In the FSA's view, money payable to an introducer on his own account includes money legitimately due to him for services rendered to the borrower, whether in connection with the introduction or otherwise. It also includes sums payable in connection with transfer of property to an introducer (for example, a housebuilder) by a borrower. For example, article 28B allows a housebuilder to receive the purchase price on a property that he sells to a borrower, whom he previously introduced