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SUP 12.4.5CRP
1Multiple principal agreementMatterExplanation1.Scope of appointmentThe scope of appointment given by each principal to the appointed representative.2.Complaints handlingThe identity of the principal which will be the point of contact for a complaint from a client (referred to as the "lead-principal" in SUP 12.4.5D G to SUP 12.4.5E G).An agreement that each principal will co-operate with each other principal in resolving a complaint from a client in relation to the appointed representative's
SUP 12.4.8BGRP
1In assessing, under SUP 12.4.8A R, whether an appointed representative, or prospective appointed representative, has established the knowledge and ability requirements for persons within its management structure and for those directly involved in its insurance mediation activity, a firm should refer to TC.
SUP 12.4.10BRRP
(1) 10Before a firm appoints a person as an appointed representative to carry on MCD credit intermediation activity and on a continuing basis after appointment, it must, in relation to such activities, ensure that:(a) if the appointed representative is an individual, the individual: (i) has not been convicted of any serious criminal offences linked to crimes against property or other crimes related to financial activities (other than spent convictions under the Rehabilitation
SUP 12.6.10GRP
The rules and guidance relating to training and competence in SYSC 3 and SYSC 5 and 6 in TC for a firm carrying on retail business 6extend to any employee of the firm in respect of whom the relevant rules apply. For these purposes, an employee of a firm includes: (1) an individual who is an appointed representative of a firm; and(2) an individual who is employed or appointed by an appointed representative of a firm (whether under a contract of service or for services) in connection
SUP 12.1.1DGRP
5 In addition to those rules in SUP 12 relating to the MiFID business of appointed representatives and tied agents, there are other MiFID obligations in the Handbook relevant to the knowledge and competence of tied agents and related compliance obligations (see SYSC 5.1, TC and FIT (in respect of appointed representatives that are approved persons)). These provisions are subject to the territorial application requirements in their respective chapters.