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SUP 12.2.2GRP
(1) A person (other than a firm with only a limited permission)15must satisfy the conditions in section 39(1) of the Act to become an appointed representative. These are that:(a) the person must not be an authorised person, that is, he must not have permission under the Act to carry on any regulated activity in his own right (section 39(1) of the Act); (b) the person must have entered into a contract with an authorised person, referred to in the Act as the 'principal', which:(i)
SUP 12.2.2BGRP
(1) 15A firm must satisfy the conditions in section 39(1C) of the Act to become an appointed representative. These are that:(a) the firm must have only a limited permission (section 39(1C)(a) of the Act);(b) the firm must have entered into a contract with another authorised person, referred to in the Act as the 'principal', which:(i) permits or requires him to carry on business of a description prescribed in the Appointed Representatives Regulations (section 39(1C)(b)(i) of the
SUP 12.2.7GRP
(1) The Appointed Representatives Regulations are made by the Treasury under sections 39(1)18, (1C) and (1E)15 of the Act. These regulations describe, among other things, the business for which an appointed representative may be exempt or to which sections 20(1) and (1A) and 23(1A) of the Act may not apply15, which is business which comprises any of:(a) dealing in investments as agent (article 21 of the Regulated Activities Order) where the transaction relates to a pure protection
SUP 12.5.1GRP
The Appointed Representatives Regulations17 include, among other things, the prescribed requirements applying to contracts between firms and appointed representatives for the purposes of section 39(1)(a)(ii) of the Act.
SUP 12.5.5RRP
A firm must ensure that its written contract with each of its appointed representatives:4(1) complies with the requirements prescribed in regulation 3 of the Appointed Representatives Regulations (see SUP 12.5.2 G);4(2) requires the appointed representative to comply, and to ensure that any persons who provide services to the appointed representative under a contract of services or a contract for service comply, with the relevant requirements in or under the Act (including the
PERG 5.13.6GRP
Where a person (A), who2 is already an appointed representative, proposes to start to2 carry on any insurance distribution activities, A2 will need to consider the following matters.(1) A2 must become authorised if the insurance distribution activities that A proposes to carry on2 include activities that do not fall within the table in PERG 5.13.4 G (for example, dealing as agent in pure protection contracts)2. The Act does not permit any person to be exempt for some activities
PERG 5.15.2GRP