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SUP 12.2.14GRP
(1) A representative is an individual who is appointed by a firm or an appointed representative, to carry on any of the activities in (1)(a) to (c):54(a) advising on investments;5(b) arranging (bringing about) deals in investments;5(c) dealing in investments as agent.5(2) If a firm appoints an appointed representative who is an individual in (1), that appointed representative will also be a representative. The individual may need to be approved to perform the customer function9,
SUP 12.4.5EGRP
(1) 1Under the relevant provisions in COBS, ICOBS7 and MCOB, the customer will receive details of how to complain to the appointed representative and, when a product is purchased, details of the complaints procedure for the product provider, insurer or home finance provider.2772(2) Under DISP 1.2.1 R4, a firm must among other things, supply summary details of its internal process for dealing promptly and fairly with complaints4 to the customer when it receives a complaint4. In
Guidance on the application provisions is in ICOBS 1 Annex 1 (Part 4).
LR App 1.1.1RP
1Note: The following definitions relevant to the listing rules are extracted from the Glossary.ActThe Financial Services and Markets Act 2000.admission or admission to listing admission of securities to the official list .admission to tradingadmission of securities to trading on an RIE's market for listedsecurities.advertisement(as defined in the PD Regulation) announcements:(a)relating to a specific offer to the public of securities or to an admission to trading on a regulated