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SUP 10C.5.4GRP
Please note that the chair of the nomination committee function still applies if the firm is not a CRR firm.
SUP 10C.5.6GRP
(1) As explained in SUP 10C.7.4G, the FCA does not expect a non-executive director ever to perform the other overall responsibility function.(2) Therefore, a non-executive director will not need to be approved to perform any FCA-designated senior management function unless they perform the chair of the nomination committee function.
SUP 10A.6.15CGRP
(1) 2For a Solvency II firm, the chair of the nomination committee function and the chair of the with-profits committee function may not apply if the person carrying out the function is approved to carry out a PRA controlled function and the conditions in SUP 10A.11.12R (minimising overlap with the PRA approved persons regime) are satisfied.(2) In that case, the relevant FCA function is instead absorbed into the PRA controlled function that the person is approved for (by virtue