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SUP 10C.11.19GRP
Table: examples of how the requirements for submitting statements of responsibilities work1ExampleComments(1) A firm applies for approval for A to perform the executive director function and the money laundering function.There should be a single statement of responsibilities document that covers the two functions.The combined document should be included with the application for approval.(2) Firm X applies for approval for A to perform the executive director function. Firm Y applies
The following is a non-exhaustive list of examples of conduct that would be in breach of rule SC2.(1) Failing to take reasonable steps to implement (either personally or through a compliance department or other departments) adequate and appropriate systems of control to comply with the relevant requirements and standards of the regulatory system for the activities of the firm.(2) Failing to take reasonable steps to monitor (either personally or through a compliance department
SUP 10C.12.31GRP
One example of a role-limited approval relates to the fact that the size, nature, scope and complexity of a firm's activities can change over time. An individual may be fit and proper to perform a senior management function at a certain firm at a point in time but the FCA may wish to re-assess that individual if the firm's situation changes.
SUP 10C.8.3GRP
Table: Examples of how the other local responsibility function appliesExampleComments(1) ‘A’ is allocated local responsibility for one of a branch’s main business lines. A is also appointed to perform a PRA-designated senior management function for the same branch. A only needs approval to perform the PRA-designated senior management function. (2) ‘A’ is outside the branch’s management structure and A’s responsibilities for the branch are limited to setting overall strategy for