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SUP 10A.14.8RRP
A firm must submit to the FCA a completed Form C, in the form set out in SUP 10A Annex 6R, no later than seven business days after an FCA-approved person ceases to perform an FCA controlled function. This does not apply if the firm has already notified the FCA of the proposal to do that using Form E in accordance with this chapter or has notified the PRA of the proposal to do that using the PRA's Form E in accordance with SUP 10B of the PRA's Handbook.
SUP 10A.14.15RRP
If an FCA-approved person's title, name or national insurance number changes, the firm for which the person performs an FCA controlled function must notify the FCA on Form D, in the form set out in SUP 10A Annex 7R, of that change within seven business days of the firm becoming aware of the matter.
SUP 10A.14.21GRP
(1) If, in relation to a firm which has completed the relevant Form A (SUP 10A Annex 4D), any of the details relating to arrangements and FCA controlled functions are to change, the firm must notify the FCA on Form D (SUP 10A Annex 7R). (2) The notification under (1) must be made as soon as reasonably practicable after the firm becomes aware of the proposed change.(3) This also applies in relation to an FCA controlled function for which an application was made using Form E.(4)
SUP 10A.17.2GRP
If the firm or its advisers have further questions, they should contact the FCA's Contact Centre (see SUP 10A.12.6 G).
SUP 10A.13.6GRP

Outsourcing arrangements

Outsourcing arrangements

Submitting form

Firm A to firm B

The FCA will consider A to have taken reasonable care if it enters into a contract with B under which B is responsible for ensuring that the relevant FCA controlled functions are performed by FCA-approved persons, and that it is reasonable for A to rely on this

Firm B submits FCA-approved persons forms on behalf of firm A

Outsourcing by A to B (both being a member of the same United Kingdom group and each having its registered office in the United Kingdom)

See SUP 10A.3.4 G

See SUP 15.7.8 G

(i) A to B, where B is a non-authorised person not part of the same group as A

(ii) A to B, where A is a branch of an overseas firm in the United Kingdom, and B is an overseas undertaking of the same group

(iii) A to B, where A is a UK authorised subsidiary of an overseas firm and B is an overseas undertaking of the same group

Responsibility for (as opposed to the performance of) any activity outsourced to B will remain with A. See SYSC 3.2.4 G and SYSC 8

A ensures that an individual approved by the FCA or the PRA under a controlled function that is a significant-influence function has responsibility for the outsourced arrangement and A submits a form in relation to that individual