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SUP 10A.6.1GRP
(1) Every firm will have one or more persons responsible for directing its affairs. These persons will be performing the FCA governing functions and will be required to be FCA-approved persons unless the application provisions in SUP 10A.1, or the particular description of an FCA controlled function, provide otherwise. For example, each director of a company incorporated under the Companies Acts will perform an FCA governing function.532(2) [deleted]5332(3) [deleted]5332
SUP 10A.6.11GRP
1APER applies to FCA-approved persons who are either3:(1) approved persons of firms that are not SMCR firms; or3(2) approved persons approved to perform a controlled function in SUP 10A.1.15R to SUP 10A.1.16BR (appointed representatives3).
(1) 1APER does not apply to FCA-approved persons of SMCR firms3. COCON applies instead. 3222(2) However, APER applies to approved persons approved to perform a controlled function under SUP 10A.1.15R to SUP 10A.1.16BR (appointed representatives3) even if the appointed representative'sprincipal is an SMCR firm3.
APER 1.1A.7 G gives examples of the effect of APER 1.1A.1R and APER 1.1A.2R1. The first column says whether the example involves an FCA-approved person in relation to one or two firms3. The second3 column explains what functions APER covers in the scenario set out in the first column3.
Table: Examples of what activities APER3 coversFCA approvedCoverage of APER3(1) Yes, in relation to firm AApplies to the FCA controlled function. Also applies to any other function performed for firm A in relation to the carrying on by firm A of a regulated activity even if it is not a controlled function.3(2) Yes, in relation to firm A. No, in relation to firm B,In relation to firm A, the answer is the same as for scenario (1). However, APER does not apply to any function that
SUP 10C.9.8RRP
A person (referred to as ‘A’ in this rule) is not performing an FCA governing function (referred to as the ‘particular’ FCA governing function in this rule) in relation to a PRA-authorised person (referred to as ‘B’ in this rule), at a particular time, if:(1) A has been approved by the PRA to perform any PRA-designated senior management function in relation to B;(2) throughout the whole of the period between the time of the PRA approval in (1) and the time in question, A has been
SUP 10C.9.9GRP
Table: Examples of how the need for dual FCA and PRA approval in relation to PRA-authorised persons is reduced1ExampleWhether FCA approval requiredWhether PRA approval requiredComments(1) A is appointed as chief risk officer and an executive director.No. A4 is not treated as performing the executive director function.4YesChief risk officer is a PRA-designated senior management function. A’s functions as a director will be included in the PRA-designated senior management function.
SUP 10A.17.2GRP
If the firm or its advisers have further questions, they should contact the FCA's Contact Centre (see SUP 10A.12.6 G).
SUP 10C.10.7GRP
Outsourcing arrangements1Outsourcing arrangementsExplanationSubmitting formFirm A to firm BThe FCA will consider A to have taken reasonable care if it enters into a contract with B under which B is responsible for ensuring that the relevant FCA-designated senior management functions are performed by FCA-approved SMF managers, and that it is reasonable for A to rely on this.Firm B submits FCA-approved persons forms on behalf of firm A.Outsourcing by A to B (both being a member
Table: To whom does COCON apply? 99Persons to whom COCON appliesComments9(1) An SMF manager.9 (2) An employee (“P”) of a an SMCR firm12 who:9 (a) performs the function of an SMF manager;9 (b) is not an approved person to perform the function in question; and9 (c) is required to be an approved person at the time P performs that function.9 (3) An employee of an SMCR firm12 who would be performing an FCA-designated senior management function12 but for SUP 10C.3.13R (The 12-week
SUP 10C.16.6GRP
Failing to disclose relevant information to the FCA may be a criminal offence under section 398 of the Act.