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An EEA market operator has exempt person status as respects any regulated activity which is carried on as a part of its business of operating a regulated market or multilateral trading facility if the operator made arrangements in the United Kingdom on or before 31 October 2007 to facilitate access to, or use of, that regulated market or multilateral trading facility.
This chapter does not apply to the carrying on of: (1) activities between operators and depositaries, of the same fund (when acting in that capacity); or(2) energy market activity and oil market activity which is not MiFID or equivalent third country business but which, if the firm carrying it on were not authorised, would not be a regulated activity because of article 16 of the Regulated Activities Order (Dealing in contractually based investments) or article 22 of the Regulated
REC 6.1.1GRP
The Act prohibits any person from carrying on, or purporting to carry on, regulated activities in the United Kingdom unless that person is an authorised person or an exempt person. If an overseas investment exchange wishes to undertake regulated activities in the United Kingdom, it will need to:2(1) obtain a Part 4A permission2 from the FCA2; 22(2) (in the case of an EEA firm or a Treaty firm) qualify for authorisation under Schedule 3 (EEA Passport Rights) or Schedule 4 (Treaty