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REC 5.2.3GRP
An application should:(1) be made in accordance with any directions the FSA may make under section 287 (Application by an investment exchange) or section 288 (Application by a clearing house) of the Act;(2) be accompanied by the applicant's regulatory provisions (the material specifically prescribed in section 287 or section 288);(3) be accompanied by the information, evidence and explanatory material (including supporting documentation) necessary to demonstrate to the FSA that
REC 6.2.5GRP
The FSA may require further information from the applicant and may need to have discussions with the appropriate authorities in the applicant's home territory. To allow sufficient time for applications to be processed and for the necessary contacts to be made with the appropriate home territory authorities, applications should be made not later than six months before the applicant wishes the recognition order to take effect. No guarantee can be given that a decision will be reached
LR 1.2.2RRP
(1) An application to the FSA to dispense with or modify a listing rule must be in writing.(2) The application must:(a) contain a clear explanation of why the dispensation or modification is requested;(b) include details of any special requirements, for example, the date by which the dispensation or modification is required;(c) contain all relevant information that should reasonably be brought to the FSA's attention;(d) contain any statement or information that is required by