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Schedule to the Recognition Requirements Regulations, paragraph 3


The [UK RIE] must ensure that the systems and controls used in the performance of its [relevant functions] are adequate, and appropriate for the scale and nature of its business.


Sub-paragraph (1) applies in particular to systems and controls concerning -


the transmission of information;


the assessment, mitigation and management of risks to the performance of the [UK RIE'srelevant functions];


the effecting and monitoring of transactions on the [UK RIE];


the technical operation of the [UK RIE], including contingency arrangements for disruption to its facilities;


the operation of the arrangements mentioned in paragraph 4(2)(d); and


(where relevant) the safeguarding and administration of assets belonging to users of the [UK RIE's] facilities.

REC 2.5.14GRP
The FSA may also have regard to the systems and controls intended to ensure that confidential information is only used for proper purposes. Where relevant, recognised bodies will have to comply with section 348 (Restrictions on disclosure of confidential information by the FSA etc.) and regulations made under section 349 (Exemptions from section 348) of the Act.
REC 2.2.6GRP
In determining whether the UK recognised body meets the recognition requirement in Regulation 6(3), the FSA may have regard to whether that body has ensured that the person who performs that function on its behalf:(1) has sufficient resources to be able to perform the function (after allowing for any other activities);(2) has adequate systems and controls to manage that function and to report on its performance to the UK recognised body;(3) is managed by persons of sufficient