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1Under section 312C of the Act, if a UK RIE wishes to make arrangements in an EEA State other than the UK to facilitate access to or use of a regulated market,2multilateral trading facility or auction platform2 operated by it, it must give the FSAwritten notice of its intention to do so. The notice must:(1) describe the arrangements; and(2) identify the EEA State in which the UK RIE intends to make them.
The FSA must, within one month of receiving the UK RIE's notice, send a copy of it to the Host State regulator.
The requirements that a UK RIE must give the FSA written notice and the UK RIE may not make the arrangements until the FSA has sent a copy of it to the Host State regulator do not apply to arrangements made by a UK RIE on or before 31 October 2007.