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REC 2.5.3GRP
In assessing whether the systems and controls used by a UK recognised body in the performance of its relevant functions are adequate and appropriate for the scale and nature of its business, the FSA may have regard to the UK recognised body's:(1) arrangements for managing, controlling and carrying out its relevant functions, including: (a) the distribution of duties and responsibilities among its key individuals and the departments of the UK recognised body responsible for performing
REC 2.5.10GRP
A conflict of interest arises in a situation where a person with responsibility to act in the interests of one person may be influenced in his action by an interest or association of his own, whether personal or business or employment related. Conflicts of interest can arise both for the employees of UK recognised bodies and for the members (or other persons) who may be involved in the decision-making process, for example where they belong to committees or to the governing body.
REC 2.5.13GRP
The FSA may have regard to the arrangements a UK recognised body makes to structure itself and to allocate responsibility for decisions so that it can continue to take proper regulatory decisions notwithstanding any conflicts of interest, including:(1) the size and composition of the governing body and relevant committees; (2) the roles and responsibilities of key individuals, especially where they also have responsibilities in other organisations; (3) the arrangements for transferring
REC 3.4.3GRP
(1) Key individuals include the persons who, under the operational or managerial arrangements of the UK recognised body, are appointed to manage the departments responsible for carrying out its relevant functions, whether or not they are members of its governing body. A person appointed to carry out specific tasks, such as to conduct a particular investigation into a specific set of facts, would not usually be a key individual.(2) A key individual need not be an employee of a
REC 2.4.3GRP
In determining whether a UK recognised body is a fit and proper person, the FSA may have regard to any relevant factor including, but not limited to:(1) the commitment shown by the UK recognised body'sgoverning body to satisfying the recognition requirements and to complying with other obligations in or under the Act;(2) its arrangements, policies and resources for fulfilling its obligations under the Act in relation to its activities as a UK recognised body;(3) the extent to
REC 2.4.4GRP
In determining whether a UK recognised body is a fit and proper person, the FSA may have regard to its connections with:(1) any undertaking in the same group;(2) any owner or part-owner of the UK recognised body;(3) any person who has the right to appoint or remove members of the governing body or other key individuals;(4) any person who is able in practice to appoint or remove members of the governing body or other key individuals;(5) any person in accordance with whose instructions
REC 2.4.5GRP
In assessing whether its connection with any person could affect whether a UK recognised body is a fit and proper person, the FSA may have regard to:(1) the reputation and standing of that other person, including his standing with any relevant UK or overseas regulator;(2) breaches of any law or regulation by that other person; (3) the roles of any of the UK recognised body's key individuals who have a position within organisations under the control or influence of that other person,
REC 3.5.1RRP
Where any key individual of a UK recognised body:(1) is the subject of any disciplinary action because of concerns about his alleged misconduct; (2) resigns as a result of an investigation into his alleged misconduct; or(3) is dismissed for misconduct;that body must immediately give the FSA notice of that event, and give the information specified for the purposes of this rule in REC 3.5.2 R.
REC 3.5.3RRP
Where a UK recognised body becomes aware that any of the following events has occurred in relation to a key individual, it must immediately give the FSA notice of that event:(1) a petition for bankruptcy is presented (or similar or analogous proceedings under the law of a jurisdiction outside the United Kingdom are commenced) against that key individual; or(2) a bankruptcy order (or a similar or analogous order under the law of a jurisdiction outside the United Kingdom) is made
REC 4.2.1GRP
The FSA expects to have an open, cooperative and constructive relationship with UK recognised bodies to enable it to have a broad picture of the UK recognised body's activities and its ability to meet the recognition requirements. This broad picture is intended to complement the information which the FSA will obtain under section 293 of the Act (Notification requirements) or under notification rules made under that section (see REC 3). The FSA will usually arrange meetings between
REC 4.3.3GRP
The risk assessment will guide the FSA's supervisory focus. It is important, therefore, that there is good dialogue between the FSA and the recognised body. The FSA expects to review its risk assessment with the staff of the UK recognised body to ensure factual accuracy and a shared understanding of the key issues, and may discuss the results of the risk assessment with key individuals of the UK recognised body. If appropriate, the FSA may send a detailed letter to the body's