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LR 5.3.1RRP
A request by an issuer for the listing of its securities to be suspended or cancelled must be in writing and must include:(1) the issuer's name;(2) details of the securities to which it relates and the RIEs on which they are traded;(3) a clear explanation of the background and reasons for the request;(4) the date on which the issuer requests the suspension or cancellation to take effect;(5) for a suspension, the time the issuer wants the suspension to take effect;(6) if relevant,
LR 5.3.2RRP
The issuer must also include with a request to cancel the listing of its securities the following:(1) if the cancellation is to take effect after the completion of the compulsory acquisition procedures under Chapter 3 of Part 281 of the Companies Act 20061, a copy of the notice sent to dissenting shareholders of the offeree together with written confirmation that there have been no objections made to the court within the prescribed period;11(2) for a cancellation referred to in
LR 2.2.5GRP
The FSA may modify LR 2.2.4 R to allow partly paid securities to be listed if it is satisfied that their transferability is not restricted and investors have been provided with appropriate information to enable dealings in the securities to take place on an open and proper basis. [Note: articles 46 and 54 CARD]
LR 9.5.8RRP
A listed company must ensure that in relation to communicating information on an open offer:(1) if the offer is subject to shareholder approval in general meeting the announcement must state that this is the case; and(2) the circular dealing with the offer must not contain any statement that might be taken to imply that the offer gives the same entitlements as a rights issue.
PR 3.1.7UKRP

Section 87A(1) of the Act provides for the approval of a prospectus by the FSA:


The [FSA] may not approve a prospectus unless it is satisfied that:


the United Kingdom is the home State in relation to the issuer of the transferable securities to which it relates,


the prospectus contains the necessary information, and


all of the other requirements imposed by or in accordance with this Part or the prospectus directive have been complied with (so far as those requirements apply to a prospectus for the transferable securities in question).

LR 17.3.10RRP
An issuer must ensure that any circular it issues to holders of its listed securities about proposed amendments to a trust deed includes:(1) an explanation of the effect of the proposed amendments; and(2) either the full terms of the proposed amendments, or a statement that they will be available for inspection:(a) from the date the circular is sent until the close of the relevant general meeting at a place in or near the City of London or such other place as the FSA may determine;
LR 18.2.6GRP
The FSA may modify LR 18.2.5 R to allow partly paid securities if it is satisfied that their transferability is not restricted and investors have been provided with appropriate information to enable dealings in the securities to take place on an open and proper basis. [Note: Articles 46 and 54 CARD]
(1) A firm that holds designated investments or client money for a retail client subject to the custody chapter or the client money chapter must provide that client with the following information:444(a) if applicable,(i) that the designated investments or client money of that client may be held by a third party on behalf of the firm;(ii) the responsibility of the firm under the applicable national law for any acts or omissions of the third party; and(iii) the consequences for
LR 20.4.3RRP
(1) An issuer's listed miscellaneous securities must be admitted to trading on a RIE's market for listed securities at all times.(2) An issuer must inform the FSA in writing as soon as possible if it has:(a) requested a RIE to admit or re-admit any of its listed miscellaneous securities to trading; or(b) requested a RIE to cancel or suspend trading of any of its listed miscellaneous securities; or(c) been informed by a RIE that the trading of any of its listed miscellaneous securities
PR 2.2.5RRP
If PR 2.2.4 R applies, the securities note must provide information that would normally be provided in the registration document ifthere has been a material change or recent development which could affect investor's assessments since the latest updated registration document, or any supplementary prospectus, was approved. The securities note and summary shall be subject to a separate approval. [Note: article 12.2 PD]
LR 16.3.6RRP
An applicant which is a multi-class or umbrella fund which seeks to create a new class of security without increasing its share capital for which listing has previously been granted, must provide the FSA with the details of the new class and no further application for listing is required.
PR 2.1.4EURP

Article 24 of the PD Regulation provides for how the contents of the summary are to be determined:

Content of the summary of prospectus and base prospectus

The issuer, the offeror or the person asking for admission to trading on a regulated market shall determine on its own the detailed content of the summary to the prospectus or base prospectus referred to in [section 87A of the Act].

LR 5.5.3GRP
(1) The FSA will not automatically suspend, cancel or restore the listing of securities at the request of an overseas exchange or overseas authority (for example, if listing of a listed3issuer'ssecurities are suspended, cancelled or restored on its home exchange).(2) The FSA will not normally suspend the listing of securities where there is a trading halt for the security on its home exchange.(3) If a listedissuer3 requests a suspension, cancellation or restoration of the listing
LR 1.6.2RRP
An issuer must inform the FSA if the characteristics of a security change so that the security no longer meets the definition of a security in the category in which it has been placed.