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PR 2.1.1UKRP
1Sections 87A(2), (2A), 2(3) and (4) of the Act provide for the general contents of a prospectus:(2)The necessary information is the information necessary to enable investors to make an informed assessment of –(a)the assets and liabilities, financial position, profits and losses, and prospects of the issuer of the transferable securities and of any guarantor; and(b)the rights attaching to the transferable securities.22(2A)If, in the case of transferable securities to which section
PR 2.3.1EURP
Articles 3 to 23 of the PD Regulation provide for the minimum information to be included in a prospectus:Note: the Annexes (including schedules and building blocks) referred to in these articles are set out for information in PR App 3.Article 3Minimum information to be included in a prospectusA prospectus shall be drawn up by using one or a combination of the schedules and building blocks set out in this Regulation.22A prospectus shall contain the information items required in