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(1) The authorised fundmanager must manage the scheme in accordance with:(a) the instrument constituting the fund;1111(b) the 13applicable rules13;(c) the most recently published prospectus; and(d) for an ICVC, the OEIC Regulations.(2) The authorised fund manager must take such steps as necessary to ensure compliance with the rules13that impose obligations upon the ICVC.(3) The authorised fund manager must:(a) make decisions as to the constituents of the scheme property in accordance
(1) The authorised fund manager must make and retain for six years such records as enable:(a) the scheme and the authorised fund manager to comply with the rules in this sourcebook and the OEIC Regulations; and(b) it to demonstrate at any time that such compliance has been achieved.(2) The authorised fund manager must make and retain for six years a daily record of the units in the scheme held, acquired or disposed of by the authorised fund manager, including the classes of such
COLL 6.6.12RRP
(1) The depositary of an authorised fund is responsible for the safekeeping of all of the scheme property (other than tangible movable property) entrusted to it and must:(a) take all steps and complete all documents needed to ensure completion of transactions properly entered into for the account of the scheme;(b) ensure that scheme property in registered form is, as soon as practicable, registered in the name of the depositary, its nominee, or a person retained by it under COLL
COLL 6.6.14RRP
(1) The authorised fundmanager must avoid the scheme property being used or invested contrary to COLL 5, or any provision in the instrument constituting the fund11 or the prospectus as referred to in COLL 5.2.4 R (Investment powers:general), and COLL 5.6.4 R (Investment powers: general)2, except to the extent permitted by (3)(b).11(2) The authorised fund manager must, immediately upon becoming aware of any breach of a provision listed in (1), take action, at its own expense, to
COLL 6.6.16GRP
(1) Directors of an ICVC, authorised fund managers and depositaries should also have regard to SYSC 8 (Outsourcing).66SYSC 8.1.6 R4 states that a firm remains fully responsible for discharging 6all of its obligations under the regulatory system6 if it outsources crucial or important operational functions4 or any relevant services and activities.6646644(2) SUP 15.8.6 R (Delegation by UCITS management companies) requires the 8authorised fund manager of a UCITS scheme to inform the
COLL 6.12.2GRP
In the FCA's view the requirements relating to risk management policy and risk measurement set out in this section are the regulatory responsibility of the management company'sHome State regulator but to the extent that they constitute fund application rules, are also the responsibility of the UCITS'Home State regulator. As such, these responsibilities may overlap between the competent authorities of the Home and Host States. EEA UCITS management companies providing collective
MCOB 11.6.60RRP
(1) A firm must make, in paper or electronic form, an adequate record of the steps it takes to comply with the rules in this chapter in relation to each customer.(2) The record in (1) must include the information taken into account in each affordability assessment, so that it is possible to understand from the record the basis of the mortgage lender's or home purchase provider's lending or financing decision, including (except as provided in MCOB 11.6.32R (3) and MCOB 11.6.39R
(1) The authorised fund manager must manage the scheme in accordance with:(a) the instrument constituting the fund;1212(b) The applicable rules13; (c) the most recently published prospectus; and(d) for an ICVC, the OEIC Regulations.(2) The authorised fund manager must carry out such functions as are necessary to ensure compliance with the rules13that impose obligations on the authorised fund manager or ICVC, as appropriate.(3) The authorised fund manager must:(a) make decisions
(1) The depositary is responsible for the safekeeping of all the scheme property.(2) The depositary must:(a) take all steps to ensure that transactions properly entered into for the account of the scheme are completed;(b) take all steps to ensure that instructions properly given by the authorised fund manager in respect of the exercise of rights related to scheme property are carried out;(c) ensure that any scheme property in registered form is as soon as reasonably practicable
COLL 8.5.10RRP
(1) The authorised fund manager must:(a) ensure that at each valuation point there are at least as many units in issue of any class as there are units registered to unitholders of that class; and(b) not do, or omit anything that would, or might confer on itself a benefit or advantage at the expense of a unitholder or potential unitholder.(2) For the purposes of (1) the authorised fund manager may take into account sales and redemptions after the valuation point, provided it has
SYSC 19C.3.15ERP
(1) A firm's risk management and compliance functions should have appropriate input into setting the remuneration policy for other business areas. The procedures for setting remuneration should allow risk and compliance functions to have significant input into the setting of individual remuneration awards where those functions have concerns about the behaviour of the individuals concerned or the riskiness of the business undertaken.(2) Contravention of (1) may be relied on as
SUP 3.10.12RRP
An auditor of a firm must submit a report under SUP 3.10.4 R in accordance with the rules in SUP 16.3.6 R to SUP 16.3.13 R as if those rules applied directly to the auditor.
Guidance on compliance is located in SYSC 6.1.3 R.[Note: As explained in SYSC 1 Annex 1.3.3G, SYSC 6.1.3 R is to be read as guidance rather than as a rule, and as if "should" appeared in that provision instead of "must".]
CASS 11.11.5GRP
CASS debt management firms are reminded that they must, under SYSC 6.1.1 R, establish, implement and maintain adequate policies and procedures sufficient to ensure compliance of the firm with the rules in this chapter.
CASS 11.11.6GRP
So that a CASS debt management firm may check that it has sufficient money segregated in its client bank accounts to meet its obligations to clients for whom it is undertaking debt management activity, it is required periodically to carry out reconciliations of its internal records and accounts to check that the total amount of client money that it should have segregated in client bank accounts is equal to the total amount of client money it actually has segregated in client bank
CASS 11.11.7GRP
For a CASS small debt management firm to demonstrate it has maintained its records and accounts in a way envisaged by CASS 11.11.3 R, it should carry out checks of its internal records and accounts that are reasonable and proportionate to its business. CASS 11.11.8 R provides a rule that a CASS small debt management firm is obliged to follow to meet this obligation.
COLL 12.2.6GRP
(1) Each EEA State, including the United Kingdom, is required to implement article 14 of the UCITS Directive by drawing up rules of conduct which management companies authorised in that State must observe at all times, except as explained in (3).(2) UK UCITS management companies operating an EEA UCITS scheme under the freedom to provide cross border services (otherwise than by establishing a branch in that State) are advised that, as provided for elsewhere in the Handbook, they
SUP 9.1.3GRP
A person may need to ask the FCA for individual guidance on how the rules and general guidance in the Handbook, the Act or other regulatory requirements apply in their particular circumstances. This chapter describes how a person may do this. Section 139A of the Act gives the FCA the power to give guidance consisting of such information and advice as it considers appropriate.
SUP 9.1.4GRP
The FCA may at times also consider it appropriate to give a firm individual guidance on its own initiative, for example on how it considers a firm should comply with a rule. SUP 9.3 describes when and how the FCA will seek to do this.
(1) Any information which a rule in MCOB requires to be sent to a customer may be sent to another person on the instruction of the customer, so long as the recipient is not connected with the firm. (2) There is no need for a firm to send information to a customer where it has taken reasonable steps to establish that this has been or will be supplied by another person.
EG 2.8.3RP
1The FCA wishes to encourage firms to exercise judgement about, and take responsibility for, what the Principles mean for them in terms of how they conduct their business. But we also recognise the importance of an environment in which firms understand what is expected of them. So we have indicated that firms must be able reasonably to predict, at the time of the action concerned, whether the conduct would breach the Principles. This has sometimes been described as the “reasonable
In determining whether or not a person's conduct complies with rule SC4 in COCON 2.2.4R, the factors which the FCA would expect to take into account include:(1) whether it would be reasonable for the individual to assume that the information would be of material significance to the regulator concerned; (2) whether the information related to the individual themselves or to their firm; and(3) whether any decision not to report the matter was taken after reasonable enquiry and analysis
CASS 10.1.14RRP
The individual to whom responsibility for CASS operational oversight has been allocated under CASS 1A.3.1 R, CASS 1A.3.1A R1 or, as the case may be, CASS 1A.3.1CR (2)1, must report at least annually to the firm'sgoverning body in respect of compliance with the rules in this chapter.
SUP 12.4.10ARRP
10Before a firm appoints a person as an appointed representative to carry on an MCD credit intermediation activity, it must ensure that the person has, and will maintain on a continuing basis after appointment, professional indemnity insurance in accordance with the rules applicable to MCD credit intermediaries. A firm will satisfy this requirement if:(1) the appointed representative has professional indemnity insurance which satisfies the rules in MIPRU 3.2 applicable to the
(1) ICOBS 8.4.4R (2)(b) and ICOBS 8.4.9R (1) require a firm, or a tracing office used by a firm, to have an effective search function in relation to the employers’ liability register database. In the FCA's view an effective search function is one which finds all matches in the register to any specified whole word.(2) For the purposes of ICOBS 8.4.9R (5) the term ‘without delay’ should have the same meaning as in ICOBS 8.4.5G (2). (3) In order to assist firms with their obligations