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PERG 8.37.1GRP
(1) 1Part 6 (Marketing) of the AIFMD UK regulation contains restrictions on an AIFM or an investment firmmarketing an AIF. Such a person may not market an AIF in the UK unless the relevant conditions set out in the AIFMD UK regulation are met.(2) The purpose of this section is to give guidance on: (a) the restrictions on an AIFM or investment firmmarketing an AIF (PERG 8.37.2 G and PERG 8.37.3 G);(b) the circumstances in which an AIFM or an investment firmmarkets an AIF (PERG
PERG 8.37.4GRP
(1) Regulation 45 (References in this part to an AIFM or an investment firm marketing an AIF) provides that:(a) an AIFMmarkets an AIF when the AIFM makes a direct or indirect offering or placement of units or shares of an AIF managed by it to an investor domiciled or with a registered office in an EEA State, or when another person makes such an offering or placement at the initiative of, or on behalf of, the AIFM; and(b) an investment firmmarkets an AIF when it makes a direct
PERG 8.37.10GRP
(1) The restrictions on the marketing of an AIF in regulations 49 to 51 only apply to marketing that takes place in the UK. In addition, under regulation 45, an AIFM or an investment firm only markets an AIF if the investor is domiciled in an EEA State or has its registered office in an EEA State.(2) Under regulation 2(2)(a) (Interpretation), the reference to ‘domicile’ should be construed in line with its meaning in AIFMD, ie its meaning under EU law. This may be different to
PERG 8.37.14GRP
(1) Regulation 46 (Application of the financial promotion and scheme promotion restrictions) provides that where a person may market an AIF under regulation 49, 50 or 51:(a) to the extent that such marketing falls within section 21(1) (restrictions on financial promotion) or 238(1) (restrictions on promotion) of the Act, the person may market the AIF to a retail client only if the person does so without breaching the restriction in that section; and(b) to the extent that any activity