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PERG 8.29.2GRP
An explanation of the implications of, for example, exercising certain rights or the happening of certain events (such as death) need not involve advice on the merits of exercising those rights or on what to do following the event.
PERG 8.29.3GRP
Neither does advice on the merits of using a particular stockbroker or investment manager in his capacity as such amount to advice for the purpose of article 53(1)3. This is because it is not advice on the merits of buying or selling an investment.
PERG 8.29.5GRP
Without an explicit or implicit recommendation on the merits of buying or selling an investment, advice will not be covered by article 53(1)3 if it is advice on:(1) the likely meaning of uncertain provisions in an investment agreement; or(2) how to complete an application form; or(3) the value of investments for which there is no ready market; or(4) the effect of contractual terms and their commercial consequences; or(5) how to structure a transaction to comply with regulatory,
PERG 8.29.7GRP
1Typical recommendations and whether they will be regulated as advising on investments (except P2P agreements)3 under article 53(1)3 of the Regulated Activities Order. This table belongs to PERG 8.29.1 G to PERG 8.29.6 G.2RecommendationRegulated under article 53(1)3 or not?I recommend that you take out the ABC investment.Yes. This is advice which steers the client in the direction of a particular investment which the client could buy.I recommend that you do not take out the
PERG 8.4.13GRP
These may or may not involve invitations or inducements. Where a person such as a newspaper publisher, broadcaster or data supplier merely presents prices of investments whether historic or live the information can be purely factual and not be an inducement. Historic prices on their own will never be invitations or inducements. Merely adding simple contact details to such prices will not make them invitations or inducements to engage in investment activity. However, any additional
PERG 8.4.15GRP
Journalism can take many forms. But typically a journalist may write an editorial piece on a listed company or about the investments or investment services that a particular firm provides. This may often be in response to a press release. The editorial may or may not contain details of or, on a website, a link to the site of the company or firm concerned. Such editorial may specifically recommend that readers should consider buying or sellinginvestments (whether or not particular
PERG 8.4.21GRP
These will be advertisements that contain encouragement to contact the advertiser. They are likely to be inducements to do business with him or to get more information from him. If so, they will be inducements to engage in investment activity if they seek to persuade or incite persons to buy or sell investments or to get investment services. See PERG 8.4.7 G for more guidance on preliminary communications and whether they are a significant step in the chain of events which are
Both the activities of dealing in investments as principal and dealing in investments as agent are defined in terms of 'buying, selling, subscribing for or underwriting' certain investments. These investments are:(1) for dealing in investments as principal, securities or contractually based investments (except rights under a funeral plan contract); and(2) for dealing in investments as agent, securities and relevant investments (except rights under a funeral plan contract).
8It is of note, however, that the regulated activity of making arrangements with a view to transactions in investments is not limited to arrangements that are participated in by investors. It is also not necessary that both the buyer and the seller under the transaction that is being arranged should participate in the arrangements. So, arrangements may come within the activity if they are participated in only by product companies with a view to their issuing investments. A person
The regulated activity of managing investments includes several elements.(1) First, a person must exercise discretion. Non-discretionary portfolio management (where the manager buys and sells, as principal or agent, on the instructions of some other person) is not caught by this activity, although it may be caught by a different regulated activity such as the activity of dealing in investments as principal or dealing in investments as agent. The discretion must be exercised in
PERG 8.32.3GRP
In the course of their business, people such as publishers or broadcasters, Internet service providers, website operators or telephone marketing companies may provide services for authorised or exempt persons or other persons (such as overseas persons) who carry on regulated activities. This does not necessarily mean that any arrangements they make with such persons will fall within the scope of article 25(2). For that to be the case, the arrangements must be made with a view
PERG 8.32.10GRP
Companies providing telephone marketing and related services to investment firms will face similar issues. If their services are entirely passive – for example, answering telephone calls, sending out literature upon request or referring enquirers to representatives of their client – they may simply be regarded as making arrangements with a view to their providing telephone answering services. On the other hand, where a telephone marketing company:(1) makes proactive calls to prospective
COLL 5.2.23RRP
A transaction in an OTC derivative under COLL 5.2.20 R (1) (b) must be:(1) with an approved counterparty; a counterparty to a transaction in derivatives is approved only if the counterparty is:(a) an eligible institution or an approved bank; or(b) a person whose permission (including any requirements or limitations), as published in the Financial Services Register, or whose Home State authorisation, permits it to enter into the transaction as principal off-exchange;(2) on approved
Under article 53(1)6 of the Regulated Activities Order (Advising on investments), advising a person is a specified kind of activity if:(1) the advice is given to the person in his capacity as an investor or potential investor, or in his capacity as agent for an investor or a potential investor; and(2) it is advice on the merits of his doing any of the following (whether as principal or agent):(a) buying, selling, subscribing for or underwriting a particular investment which is
PERG 8.30.5GRP
Some software services involve the generation of specific buy, sell or hold signals relating to particular investments. These signals are liable, as a general rule, to be advice for the purposes of article 53(1)1 (as well as financial promotions) given by the person responsible for the provision of the software. The exception to this is where the user of the software is required to use enough control over the setting of parameters and inputting of information for the signals
(1) In accordance with Principle 6, this section is intended to ensure that the authorised fund manager pays due regard to its clients' interests and treats them fairly.(2) An authorised fund manager is responsible for valuing the scheme property of the authorised fund it manages and for calculating the price of units in the authorised fund. This section protects clients by:(a) setting out rules and guidance1 to ensure the prices1 of units in both a single-priced authorised fund
Table: This table belongs to COLL 6.3.2 G (2) (a) and COLL 6.3.3 R (Valuation)1.Valuation and pricing1The valuation of scheme property(1)Where possible, investments should be valued using a reputable source. The reliability of the source of prices should be kept under regular review.(2) For some or all of the investments comprising the scheme property, different prices may quoted according to whether they are being bought (offer prices) or sold (bid prices). The valuation of a
SUP 12.5.2GRP
(1) Regulations 3(1) 8and (2) of the Appointed Representatives Regulations make it a requirement that the contract between the firm and the appointed representative (unless it prohibits the appointed representative from representing other counterparties) contains a provision enabling the firm to:488(a) impose such a prohibition; or(b) impose restrictions as to the other counterparties which the appointed representative may represent, or as to the types of investment in relation
COLL 4.5.11RRP
(1) The depositary must make an annual report to unitholders which must be included in the annual report.(2) The annual report must contain:(a) a description, which may be in summary form, of the duties of the depositary under COLL 6.6.4 (General duties of the depositary) and in respect of the safekeeping of the scheme property; and(b) a statement whether, in any material respect:(i) the issue, sale, redemption and cancellation, and calculation of the price of the units and the
This table belongs to COLL 8.3.2 R.1Document statusA statement that this document is the prospectus of the authorised fund valid as at a particular date which shall be the date of the document.2Description of the authorised fundInformation detailing:(1)the name of the authorised fund;(2)that the authorised fund is either an ICVC, ACS11 or an AUT;(3)that the scheme is a qualified investor scheme;(4)where relevant, that the unitholders in an ICVC are not liable for the debts of
PERG 2.6.20GRP
The specified investment category of options comprises:444(1) 4options to acquire or dispose of securities or contractually based investments, currency and certain precious metals and options to acquire or dispose of such options. Options to buy or sell other types of commodity will only fall within this specified investment category if they are options to buy or sellfutures, or options to buy or sellcontracts for differences, which are based on other commodities. But options