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SUP 5.3.7GRP
The FCA5 will have regard to the objectives of its enquiries, and the relative effectiveness of its available powers to achieve those objectives. For example:66(1) historic information or evidence: if the objectives are limited to gathering historic information, or evidence for determining whether enforcement action may be appropriate, the FCA's5 information gathering and investigation powers under sections 165 (Power to require information), 167 (Appointment of investigator
PERG 8.28.4GRP
In the FCA's opinion, however, such information may take on the nature of advice if the circumstances in which it is provided give it the force of a recommendation. For example:(1) a person may offer to provide information on directors’ dealings on the basis that, in his opinion, were directors to buy or sell investors would do well to follow suit;(2) a person may offer to tell a client when certain shares reach a certain value (which would be advice if the person providing the
PERG 4.6.16GRP
In the FCA's opinion, however, such information is likely take on the nature of advice if the circumstances in which it is provided give it the force of a recommendation as described in PERG 4.6.10 G. Examples of situations where information provided by a person ('P') are likely to take the form of advice are given below.(1) P provides information on a selected, rather than balanced and neutral, basis that would tend to influence the decision of the borrower. This may arise where
(1) The Senior Management Arrangements, Systems and Controls sourcebook (SYSC) 2 contains high-level record-keeping requirements (see SYSC 3.2.20 R, 2SYSC 9.1.1 R and SYSC 9.1.1 AR2).1212(2) This sourcebook does not generally have detailed record-keeping requirements: firms will need to decide what records they need to keep in line with the high-level record-keeping requirements and their own business needs. (3) Firms should bear in mind the need to deal with requests for information