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In general terms, simply giving information, without making any comment or value judgement on its relevance to decisions which a person may make, is not advice. In this respect, it is irrelevant that a person may be providing information on a single contract of insurance or on two or more. This means that a person may provide information on a single contract of insurance without necessarily being regarded as giving advice on it. PERG 5.8.11 G has guidance on the circumstances
PERG 5.8.10GRP
In the case of article 53(1)2, information relating to buying or sellingcontracts of insurance may often involve one or more of the following:(1) an explanation of the terms and conditions of a contract of insurance whether given orally or in writing or by providing leaflets and brochures;(2) a comparison of the features and benefits of one contract of insurance compared to another;(3) the production of pre-purchase questions for a person to use in order to exclude options that
PERG 5.8.11GRP
In the FCA's opinion, however, such information is likely to take on the nature of advice if the circumstances in which it is provided give it the force of a recommendation. Examples of situations where information provided by a person (P) might take the form of advice are given below.(1) P may provide information on a selected, rather than balanced and neutral, basis that would tend to influence the decision of a person. This may arise where P offers to provide information about
PERG 5.8.17GRP
The potential for variation in the form, content and manner of pre-purchase questioning is considerable, but there are two broad types. The first type involves providing questions and answers which are confined to factual matters (for example, the amount of the cover). In the FCA's view, this does not itself amount to advising on contracts of insurance, if it involves the provision of information rather than advice. There are various possible scenarios, including the following:(1)
PERG 5.8.18GRP
The second type of pre-purchase questioning involves providing questions and answers incorporating opinion, judgement or recommendation. There are various possible scenarios, including the following:(1) the pre-purchase questioning may not lead to the identification of any particular contract of insurance; in this case, the questioner has provided advice, but it is generic advice and does not amount to advising on contracts of insurance; and(2) the pre-purchase questioning may
PERG 5.8.19GRP
In the case of PERG 5.8.18G (2) and similar scenarios, the FCA considers that it is necessary to look at the process and outcome of pre-purchase questioning as a whole. It may be that the element of advice incorporated in the questioning can properly be viewed as generic advice if it were considered in isolation. But although the actual advice may be generic, the process has ended in identifying one or more particular contracts of insurance. The combination of the generic advice
PERG 5.8.21GRP
Advice can be provided in many ways including:(1) face to face;(2) orally to a group;(3) by telephone;(4) by correspondence (including e-mail);(5) in a publication, broadcast or web-site; and(6) through the provision of an interactive software system.
PERG 5.8.24GRP
An important exclusion from advising on contracts of insurance relates to advice given in periodical publications, regularly updated news and information services and broadcasts (article 54 of the Regulated Activities Order (Advice given in newspapers etc)). The exclusion applies if the principal purpose of the publication or service taken as a whole (including any advertising content) is neither to give advice of a kind mentioned in article 53 (Advising on investments) or article
PERG 5.16.2GRP
Text of article 2.3 of the Insurance Mediation Directive"'Insurance mediation' means the activities of introducing, proposing or carrying out other work preparatory to the conclusion of contracts of insurance, or of concluding such contracts, or of assisting in the administration and performance of such contracts, in particular in the event of a claim.These activities when undertaken by an insurance undertaking or an employee of an insurance undertaking who is acting under the
GEN 4.2.2GRP
There are other pre-contract information requirements outside this chapter, including:(1) for financial promotions, inthe financial promotion rules;55(2) for designated investment business, inCOBS 8 and COBS 8A14 (Client agreements), COBS 5 (Distance Communications), COBS 6 (Information about the firm, its services and remuneration), COBS 13 and 14 (which relate to product information)5 and CASS (Client assets);5(2A) for PRIIPs, a requirement under the PRIIPs Regulation to provide
Guidance on the application provisions is in ICOBS 1 Annex 1 (Part 4).
PERG 5.15.4GRP
Types of activity – are they regulated activities and, if so, why?Type of activityIs it a regulated activity?RationaleMARKETING AND EFFECTING INTRODUCTIONSPassive display of information -for example, medical insurance brochures in doctor’s surgery (whether or not remuneration is received for this activity)No.Merely displaying information does not constitute making arrangements under article 25(2) (see PERG 5.6.4 G).Recommending a broker/insurance undertaking and providing customer
CREDS 10.1.3RP
ModuleRelevance to Credit UnionsThe Principles for Businesses (PRIN)The Principles for Businesses (PRIN) set out 3high-level requirements 3imposed by the FCA3. They provide a general statement of regulatory requirements. The Principles apply to all9credit unions. In applying the Principles to credit unions, the FCA3 will be mindful of proportionality. In practice, the implications are likely to vary according to the size and complexity 3of the credit union.99999Senior Management