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PERG 5.11.6GRP
(1) The removal of the exclusion for groups and joint enterprises in article 69 of the Regulated Activities Order (Groups and joint enterprises) may have implications for a company providing services for:(a) other members of its group; or(b) other participants in a joint enterprise of which it is a participant.(2) Such companies might typically provide risk or treasury management or administration services which may include regulated activities relating to a contract of insurance.
PERG 5.11.13GRP
Article 72B (see also PERG 5.3.7 G (Connected contracts of insurance)) may be of relevance to persons who supply non-motor goods or provide services related to travel in the course of carrying on a profession or business which does not otherwise consist of carrying on regulated activities. In the FCA's view, the fact that a person may carry on regulated activities in the course of the carrying on of a profession or business does not, of itself, mean that the profession or business
PERG 5.11.15GRP
In the FCA's view, the condition in PERG 5.11.13G (7) is likely to be satisfied where the insurance mediation activities relate to a standard form contract of insurance, the terms of which (other than the cost of the premium) are not subject to negotiation.
A person who is concerned to know whether his proposed insurance mediation activities may require authorisation will need to consider the following questions (these questions are a summary of the issues to be considered and have been reproduced, in slightly fuller form, in the flow chart in PERG 5.15.2 G (Flow chart: regulated activities related to insurance mediation – do you need authorisation?):(1) will the activities relate to contracts of insurance (see PERG 5.3(Contracts
The IMD imposes requirements upon EEA States relating to the regulation of insurance and reinsurance mediation. The IMD defines "insurance mediation" and "reinsurance mediation" as including the activities of introducing, proposing or carrying out other work preparatory to the conclusion of contracts of insurance and reinsurance, or of concluding such contracts, or of assisting in the administration and performance of such contracts, in particular in the event of a claim (the
It follows that each of the regulated activities below potentially apply to any contract of insurance:(1) dealing in investments as agent (article 21 (Dealing in investments as agent));(2) arranging (bringing about) deals in investments (article 25(1) (Arranging deals in investments));(3) making arrangements with a view to transactions in investments (article 25(2) (Arranging deals in investments));(4) assisting in the administration and performance of a contract of insurance
For an activity to be a regulated activity, it must be carried on in relation to 'specified investments' (see section 22 of the Act Regulated activities) and Part III of the Regulated Activities Order (Specified investments)). For the purposes of insurance mediation activity, specified investments include the following 'relevant investments' defined in article 3(1) of the Regulated Activities Order (Interpretation):(1) rights under any contract of insurance (see article 75 (Contracts
PERG 5.3.10GRP
A person will have rights under a contract of insurance when he is a policyholder. The question of whether a person has rights under a contract of insurance may require careful consideration in the case of group policies (with reference to the Glossary definition of policyholder). In the case, in particular, of general insurance contracts and pure protection contracts, the existence or otherwise of rights under such policies may be relevant to whether a person is carrying on
PERG 5.13.3GRP
An appointed representative can carry on only those regulated activities which are specified in the Appointed Representatives Regulations. The regulated activities set out in the table in PERG 5.13.4 G are included in those regulations. As set out in the table, the insurance mediation activities that can be carried on by an appointed representative differ depending on the type of contracts of insurance in relation to which the activities are carried on.
PERG 5.13.4GRP
Insurance mediation activities able to be carried on by an appointed representative. This table belongs to PERG 5.13.3 G.Type of contract of insuranceRegulated activities an appointed representative can carry onGeneral insurance contractdealing in investments as agent;arranging;assisting in the administration and performance of a contract of insurance;advising on investments; andagreeing to carry on these regulated activities.Pure protection contractdealing in investments as agent
PERG 5.13.6GRP
Where a person is already an appointed representative and he proposes to carry on any insurance mediation activities, he will need to consider the following matters.(1) He must become authorised if his proposed insurance mediation activities include activities that do not fall within the table in PERG 5.13.4 G (for example, dealing as agent in pure protection contracts) and he wishes to carry on these activities. The Act does not permit any person to be exempt for some activities
PERG 2.9.10GRP
These exclusions apply to intra-group dealings and activities and to dealings or activities involving participators in a joint enterprise which take place for the purposes of, or in connection with, the enterprise. The general principle here is that, as long as activities that would otherwise be regulated activities take place wholly within a group of companies, then there is no need for authorisation. The same principle applies to dealings or activities that take place wholly
PERG 2.9.12GRP
The exclusions apply in relation to transactions to buy or sellshares in a body corporate where, in broad terms:(1) the transaction involves the acquisition or disposal of a least 50 per cent of the voting shares in the body corporate and is, or is to be, between certain specified kinds of person; or(2) the object of the transaction may otherwise reasonably be regarded as being the acquisition of day-to-day control of the affairs of the body corporate.These exclusions also apply
3The exclusions in the Regulated Activities Order that relate to the various arranging activities are as follows.(-1) 8Under Article 24A(2), an activity that would otherwise be both arranging and bidding in emissions auctions is specifically excluded from arranging because the activity of bidding in emissions auctions does not form part of any other regulated activity (see PERG 2.7.6D G).(1) Under article 26, arrangements that do not or would not bring about the transaction to
PERG 5.14.3GRP
Professional firms should be aware of the disapplication of the exclusions for trustees (article 66) and activities carried on in the course of a profession or non-investment business (article 67) outlined in PERG 5.11.7 G (Exclusions disapplied in connection with insurance mediation) where their activities would amount to insurance mediation. Where they do not, they will still be able to rely upon article 67. Otherwise, the Nonexempt Activities Order imposes limitations on the
3(1) Under section 19 of the Act, a firm may not carry on a regulated activity unless it has permission to do so (or is exempt in relation to the particular activity). Both general insurance business and long-term insurance business are regulated activities and permission will extend to the effecting or carrying out of one or more particular classes of contracts of insurance.3(2) A firm'spermission can be varied so as to add other classes. The permission of an existing composite
(1) Prior to the conclusion of an initial contract of insurance (other than a connected travel insurance contract)2 and, if necessary, on its amendment or renewal, a firm must tell the customer whether:(a) it gives advice on the basis of a fair analysis of the market; or(b) it is under a contractual obligation to conduct insurance mediation business exclusively with one or more insurance undertakings; or(c) it is not under a contractual obligation to conduct insurance mediation
This chapter applies principally to any person who needs to know whether he carries on insurance mediation activities and is thereby subject to FCA regulation. As such it will be of relevance among others to:(1) insurance brokers;(2) insurance advisers;(3) insurance undertakings; and(4) other persons involved in the sale and administration of contracts of insurance, even where these activities are secondary to their main business.
1This sourcebook applies to a firm with respect to the following activities carried on in relation to a non-investment insurance contract from an establishment maintained by it, or its appointed representative, in the United Kingdom:(1) an insurance mediation activity;(2) effecting and carrying out contracts of insurance;(3) managing the underwriting capacity of a Lloyd's syndicate as a managing agent at Lloyd's;(4) communicating or approving a financial promotion;and activities
Guidance on the application provisions is in ICOBS 1 Annex 1 (Part 4).
PERG 5.16.2GRP
Text of article 2.3 of the Insurance Mediation Directive"'Insurance mediation' means the activities of introducing, proposing or carrying out other work preparatory to the conclusion of contracts of insurance, or of concluding such contracts, or of assisting in the administration and performance of such contracts, in particular in the event of a claim.These activities when undertaken by an insurance undertaking or an employee of an insurance undertaking who is acting under the