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In MCOB 4A.1.1R (4):(1) other interested parties includes all parties to the relevant MCD regulated mortgage contract and parties that have an interest in the MCD regulated mortgage contract, such as a guarantor of the obligations under the MCD regulated mortgage contract;(2) where the MCD mortgage arranger provides the information in the general terms and conditions of the sales or service contracts, before carrying out any MCD mortgage credit intermediation activity, it need
(1) Notwithstanding MCOB 3A.1.13 R and MCOB 3A.1.15 R, where a firm which satisfies the conditions in (2) communicates a financial promotion of qualifying credit, the rules in (3) do not apply.(2) The conditions are that:(a) the firmcommunicates the financial promotion of qualifying credit from an establishment maintained by the firm in an EEA State other than the United Kingdom, and not from an establishment maintained by the firm in the United Kingdom or outside the EEA;(b)
(1) If a consumer notifies a firm that they wish to discharge their obligations under an MCD regulated mortgage contract prior to its expiry, the firm must provide the consumer, without delay, with the information necessary to allow them to consider that option.(2) The information under (1) must:(a) quantify the implications for the consumer of discharging their obligations prior to the expiry of the MCD regulated mortgage contract; and (b) clearly set out any assumptions that
(1) An MCD mortgage lender must give a consumer who enters into an MCD regulated mortgage contract the right to discharge fully or partially his obligations under that MCD regulated mortgage contract prior to its expiry.(2) If the consumer exercises the right in (1), the MCD mortgage lender must reduce the total cost of the credit to the consumer by an amount equal to the interest and costs for the remaining duration of the MCD regulated mortgage contract.[Note: article 25(1)
(1) The rules in (2) do not apply to a firm with respect to a regulated mortgage activity or a home purchase activity2 exclusively concerning a distance contract if the following conditions are satisfied:2(a) the firm carries on the activity from an establishment maintained by the firm in an EEA State other than the United Kingdom; and(b) either the EEA State:(i) has implemented the Distance Marketing Directive3; or3(ii) has obligations in its domestic law corresponding to those
TC 2.1.5FGRP
19Where an employee, carrying on an activity in relation to a regulated mortgage contract, has attained the appropriate qualification required by TC Appendix 1, a firm may for the purposes of TC 2.1.5B R assess that employee as having knowledge and competence. Additionally, firms will need to meet any other requirements in this or other sourcebooks that are applicable, taking into account the employee’s role and responsibilities.21