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3To the extent that an authorised payment institution or an EEA authorised payment institution has provided the information required by FEES 4.4.7 D to the FSA as part of its compliance with another provision of the Handbook, it is deemed to have complied with the provisions of this section.
In the FSA's view, for a person to be carrying on the business of advising on investments or advising on a home finance transaction1 he will usually need to be doing so with a degree of regularity and for commercial purposes – that is to say, he will normally be expecting to gain some kind of a direct or indirect financial benefit. But, in the FSA's view it is not necessarily the case that advice provided free of charge will not amount to a business. Advice is often given 'free'
Many people may be involved in the production of a periodical publication, news service or broadcast. But if the regulated activity of advising on investments or advising on a home finance transaction1 is being carried on so that authorisation is required, the FSA's view is that the person carrying on the activity (and who will require authorisation) is the person whose business it is to have the editorial control over the content. In the case of a periodical publication, this
PERG 4.11.8GRP
The FSA's view of the effect of the Act and Regulated Activities Order in various territorial scenarios is set out in the remainder of this section. In those scenarios:(1) the term "service provider" is used to describe a person carrying on any of the regulated mortgage activities;(2) the term "borrower" refers to a borrower who is an individual and not a trustee; the position of a borrower acting as a trustee is not considered; and(3) it is assumed that the activity is not an
SUP 16.12.4RRP

Table of applicable rules containing data items4, frequency and submission periods






Regulated Activities

Provisions containing:

applicabledata items

reporting frequency/ period

Due date


• accepting deposits

• issuing electronic money

meeting of repayment claims12

managing dormant account funds (including the investment of such funds)12

SUP 16.12.5 R

SUP 16.12.6 R

SUP 16.12.7 R

RAG 2.1

• effecting contracts of insurance

• carrying out contracts of insurance

• entering as provider into a funeral plan contract

SUP 16.12.8 R2

SUP 16.12.8 R2

SUP 16.12.8 R2

RAG 2.2

• managing the underwriting capacity of a Lloyds syndicate as a managing agent at Lloyds

• advising on syndicate participation at Lloyds

• arranging deals in contracts of insurance written at Lloyds

SUP 16.12.9 R2

SUP 16.12.9 R2

SUP 16.12.9 R2


• dealing in investment as principal

• dealing in investments as agent

• advising on investments (excluding retail investment activities)

• arranging (bringing about) deals in investments (excluding retail investment activities)

SUP 16.12.10 R2SUP 16.12.11 R

SUP 16.12.10 R2SUP 16.12.12 R

SUP 16.12.10 R2SUP 16.12.13 R


• managing investments

• establishing, operating or winding up a regulated collective investment scheme

• establishing, operating or winding up an unregulated collective investment scheme

• establishing, operating or winding up a stakeholder pension scheme

• establishing, operating or winding up a personal pension scheme2


SUP 16.12.14 R2SUP 16.12.15 R

SUP 16.12.14 R2SUP 16.12.16 R

SUP 16.12.14 R2SUP 16.12.17 R


home finance administration or home finance providing activity11


SUP 16.12.18A R2

SUP 16.12.18A R2

SUP 16.12.18A R2


• acting as trustee of an authorised unit trust

• safeguarding and administration of assets (without arranging)

• arranging safeguarding and administration of assets

• acting as depository or sole director of an OEIC5

SUP 16.12.19A R2

SUP 16.12.20 R2

SUP 16.12.21 R2


• retail investment activities

• advising on pensions transfers & opt-outs

• arranging (bringing about deals) in retail investments

SUP 16.12.22A R

SUP 16.12.23 R

SUP 16.12.24 R


• making arrangements with a view to transactions in investments

• operating a multilateral trading facility4

SUP 16.12.25A R

SUP 16.12.26 R

SUP 16.12.27 R


home finance mediation activity14

• insurance mediation activity (non-investment insurance contracts)


SUP 16.12.28A R14

SUP 16.12.28A R14

SUP 16.12.28A R14

RAG 10

• the activities of an RIE/RCH

SUP 16.12.29 G2

SUP 16.12.29 G2

SUP 16.12.29 G2

SUP 16.12.28ARRP

2The applicable data items, reporting frequencies and submission deadlines referred to in SUP 16.12.4 R are set out in the table below. Reporting frequencies are calculated from a firm'saccounting reference date, unless indicated otherwise. The due dates are the last day of the periods given in the table below following the relevant reporting frequency period.

Description of data item11

Data item11 (note 1)


Submission deadline

Annual regulated business revenue up to and including £5 million

Annual regulated business revenue over £5 million

Balance Sheet

Section A RMAR

Half yearly


30 business days

Income Statement

Section B RMAR

Half yearly


30 business days

Capital Adequacy

Section D1 RMAR

Half yearly


30 business days

Professional indemnity insurance

(note 2)11

Section E RMAR

Half yearly

Quarterly 11


30 business days

Threshold Conditions

Section F RMAR

Half yearly

Half yearly

30 business days

Training and Competence

Section G RMAR

Half yearly

Half yearly

30 business days

COBS11 data

Section H RMAR

Half yearly

Half yearly

30 business days

Supplementary product sales data

Section I RMAR

Half yearly11



30 business days

Client money and client assets

Section C RMAR

Half yearly


30 business days

Fees and levies

Section J RMAR



30 business days

Note 1

When submitting the completed data item required, a firm must use the format of the data item set out in SUP 16 Annex 18A. Guidance notes for the completion of the data items is set out in SUP 16 Annex 18B.

11Note 2

This item only applies to firms that may be subject to an FSA requirement to hold professional indemnity insurance and are not exempt CAD firms.

SUP 16.12.30RRP
(1) 2An authorised professional firm, other than one that must comply with IPRU(INV) 3, 5 or 13 in accordance with IPRU(INV) 2.1.4R,3 must submit an annual questionnaire, contained in SUP 16 Annex 9R, unless:11(a) its only regulated activities are one or more of:(i) insurance mediation;(ii) mortgage mediation;(iii) retail investment;(iv) mortgage lending;(v) mortgage administration; or(b) its "main business" as determined by IPRU(INV) 2.1.2R(3) is advising on, or arrangingdeals
For the second disqualifying purpose, the focus switches to assessing whether the principal purpose of a publication or service is to lead a person to engage in a relevant transaction or enable him to do so. This disqualifying purpose is an alternative to the first. So it extends to material not covered by the first. In this respect:(1) material in a publication or service that invites or seeks to procure persons to engage in a relevant transaction can be said to "lead" to those
With effect from 31 October 2004 certain activities relating to mortgages have been regulated by the FSA. The purpose of this guidance is to help persons decide whether they need authorisation and, if they do, to determine the scope of the Part IV permission for which they will need to apply.
Social housing firms undertake small amounts of home finance1business even though their main business consists of activities other than regulated activities. Their home financing1is only done as an adjunct to their primary purpose (usually the provision of housing) and is substantially different in character to that done by commercial lenders. Furthermore, they are subsidiaries of local authorities or registered social landlords which are already subject to separate regulation.
PERG 4.15.2GRP
So-called 'mortgage clubs' or 'wholesalers' essentially act as a distribution function for lenders, providing information to intermediaries about current deals available from a range of lenders. They provide information (often through an electronic sourcing system) in a way that helps intermediaries search the market effectively and, as such, do not deal directly with individual borrowers. If only engaged in these activities and without direct contact with individual borrowers,
A person will only need authorisation or exemption if he is carrying on a regulated activity 'by way of business' (see section 22 of the Act (Regulated activities)). There are, in fact, three different forms of business test applied to the regulated mortgage activities. In the FSA's view, however, the difference in the business tests should have little practical effect.
The purpose of this chapter is to provide guidance as to:(1) when a person involved in publishing periodicals, or in providing news services or broadcasts, requires authorisation to carry on the regulated activities of advising on investments or advising on a home finance transaction1(see PERG 7.3 (Does the activity require authorisation));1(2) if he does, whether he qualifies for the exclusion from those activities that applies to a periodical publication, a regularly updated
If a firm ceases to be a participant firm part way through a financial year of the compensation scheme:(1) it will remain liable for any unpaid levies which the FSCS has already made on the firm;1(2) the FSCS may make a levy upon it (which may be before or after the firmhas ceased to be a participant firm, but must be before it ceases to be an authorised person) for the costs which it would have been liable to pay had the FSCS made a levy on all participant firms at the time
A person who is concerned to know whether his proposed activities may require authorisation will need to consider the following questions (these questions are a summary of the issues to be considered and have been reproduced, in slightly fuller form, in the flowchart in PERG 4.18):(1) will I be carrying on my activities by way of business (see PERG 4.3.3 G (The business test))?(2) if so, will my activities relate to regulated mortgage contracts (see PERG 4.4 (What is a regulated